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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, new book, Baby Talk To Me by Alison Shaloe, has spirit baby messages to empower our mothers, future mothers and grandmothers.

Baby Talk To Me by Alison Shaloe on The Table Read
Baby Talk To Me

Baby Talk To Me

The first book by Alison Shaloe, Baby Talk to Me, is a combination of her experience as a healer and a midwife who communicates with babies before, during, and unfortunately sometimes after birth loss.

For those on their way to motherhood, this book combines Alison’s own experience, ancient wisdom, midwifery expertise, knowledge of birth psychology, and pre-birth communication with messages from spirit babies.

This book is mostly for women who are thinking about becoming mothers. It is for women who are trying to conceive and are trying to get pregnant, as well as for women who have had a difficult path to motherhood. It might also be appealing to women’s support workers and healthcare professionals. From the perspective of the baby, it examines all aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth, pregnancy and birth loss, breastfeeding, and early motherhood. A potent and timely call to action can be found in this book. It will alter how women view both themselves and their children.

Alison Shaloe

Alison Shaloe is a trauma-informed midwife, lactation consultant, birth trauma specialist, Reiki healer, Havening Techniques practitioner and trainer, and Spirit Baby intuitive. She offers practical, emotional, and spiritual support to women throughout the process of conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and child loss.

Alison Shaloe on The Table Read
Alison Shaloe

Alison worked as a midwife and a lactation consultant for over 20 years before she was inspired to write this book. She has observed a shift in birthing practices over the years that are having a negative impact on both mothers and their offspring.

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Although Alison hasn’t always been able to communicate with spirit babies, she was surprised the first time she heard them reach out to her. When she was in her breastfeeding group and later attended to births, she started hearing babies. In one instance, she heard a baby say to her mother, “she needs to lift and bend her right leg for me to get out easier.” She initially ignored the voices that spoke to her during those times, but those spiritual gifts blossomed after her spiritual awakening in 2017.

“I am able to connect with babies before life, in pregnancy, during birth, postnatally and after life,” said Alison. “The babies have been sharing messages with me, to help them and their mothers in my work and now they have much to share with you too. There is so much they want you to know, to make your journey somewhat easier because they have a higher perspective on what is happening and why. Their vision is a world in which there is less pain, suffering, greed, division and hatred to a world with more unconditional love, more peace, creativity, abundance and joy.”

The Unbound Press

Author, writing coach, and radio host Nicola Humber established the soul-led publishing imprint for unbound women known as The Unbound Press. Nicola started the Unbound Press to help women write the book that their Unbound Self is calling them to write and to build a community of soul-family readers and customers at the same time.

Unbound Writing, Heal Your Inner Good Girl and UNBOUND are three transformative books by Nicola. She is also the founder of the Unbound Writing Mastermind, a group that fosters profound creativity and transforms lives.

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Baby Talk to Me is available from – price £8.79

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