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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, from his debut album, Cambridge, Stefan West released his single, Happily Ever After.

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Happily Ever After by Stefan West on The Table Read Magazine
Happily Ever After by Stefan West

Happily Ever After

Indie artist, Stefan West, who hails from the sun-kissed shores of Geelong, Australia, released Happily Ever After, the second single release from his debut album, Cambride.

Exploring not only the theme of falling in love, but also the profound experience of imagining a future of growing old together, Happily Ever After reflects a turning point in Stefan’s life when he realised that staying young forever is about continuous learning, growth, and curiosity rather than avoiding responsibility.

With a harmonious marriage of heartfelt verses and melodies that dance through the senses, Happily Ever After was produced and mixed by Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios, and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering.

Happily Ever After is a beautiful mesh of a really intense moment I had never experienced before, accompanied by a train of thought that felt incredibly freeing, painted into a new world in my mind. I think all songs are a varying version of that for me, but this one felt particularly special. It was the first song finished for the record.

Once covid hit Aaron Schembri and I did a bunch of songwriting together. I would send him the bare bones of demos (vocals and Acoustic Guitar) and he would create these incredible arrangements around them, this is how 80% of the record was written, and this was the first one we finished. It was an incredibly exciting time.

-Stefan West

Stefan West

Stefan West on The Table Read Magazine
Stefan West

Stefan West fuses indie, pop, punk, and folk rock elements, with influences such as Angels & Airwaves, blink 182, Powderfinger, and Joe Pug. His music reflects a variety of life experiences, with Happily Ever After reflecting on his relationship at the time.

Debut album, Cambridge, delves into Stefan’s personal journey of resilience and redemption that has led him to this point. As he battles addiction and finds solace in music, Stefan’s story unfolds through his authentic and vulnerable songwriting. The album, which is set to be released in April, promises to be an intimate look at his journey to recovery and self-discovery.

Aside from his musical endeavours, Stefan West is a passionate advocate of mental health awareness and addiction recovery. He hopes to use his platform to inspire and uplift others who are going through similar struggles, transforming his journey into an embodiment of hope.

As more releases prepare to emerge from Stefan West’s creative vault, the Australian and global indie music scene braces for impact. Happily Ever After is just a taster of the adventure that ‘Cambridge’ will invite listeners to embark upon.

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