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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, queer synth pop sensation, Plasmic, releases new single, Ghosted You.

Ghosted You

Queer synth pop sensation Plasmic has released a new single, Ghosted you, about unrequited queer love, and both being ghosted and ghosting someone else. Ghosted You is full of colorful beats and ferocious synths, against Plasmic’s 80’s inspired emotive vocals, keytar melodies, and smashing beats.


Plasmic on The Table Read

Dressed in pink from head to toe Plasmic croons, pleads and screams her songs about depression and abuse, shooting terse keytar melodies whilst furiously smashing beats, all sealed in a hazy, lo-fi blur that every so often gives glimpses of a gentler side underneath the mayhem. 

Plasmic began producing songs at the age of 15, and challenges the idea that presenting as femme means you should have 20 songwriters just to be heard. Her new single, Ghosted You, is a synth pop track about unrequited queer love song, and both sides of being ghosted and ghosting someone. For the song, she has taken her inspiration from Kate Bush and Phil Collins, while still maintaining a modern pop vibe. 

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