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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Bog Bogluns, a magical race that has lived in Ballinalee since before the Celts arrived, are introduced to children by John Hughes in the misty midlands of central Ireland.

Bog Bogluns

Bog Bogluns on The Table Read Magazine
Bog Bogluns

John Hughes captivates with the day-to-day lives of the Bog Bogluns, who live in the boglands around the village of Ballinalee, which actually exists. The book is intended for young readers aged 7 to 11, but it also appeals to many older readers.

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This story takes place in and around Ballinalee, a town in Co. Longford, Ireland, where some of these ethereal creatures live. Before the Celts arrived in Ireland, the Boglun were already there.

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The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee

The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee by John Hughes on The Table Read Magazine
The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee

The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee is a book that is very much a book of our time due to the addition of contemporary values like kindness to others, a love of nature, and an appreciation of friendships. Despite the fact that it is full of characterful souls and beautiful descriptions, it will be the first introduction to many myths from Irish folklore.

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The Bog Bogluns are sure to become a bedtime must-read, with beautiful illustrations by Aneesa Cassimjee, and a substantial read at 191 pages. They also make the ideal addition to young bookworms’ Christmas stockings.

Those who are fans of Murf Muklefinn the Boglun and his friends will also be pleased to learn that this talented author is planning to write more adventures for Ballinalee.

The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee is a story about true friendship, teamwork, and how important it is to treat all living things with kindness and love.

John Hughes on The Table Read Magazine
John Hughes

John Hughes

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John Hughes advised readers to buckle up because they were about to enter the realm of fantasy and folklore. He explained that he had been advised that every biography should begin with the author’s accomplishments, but who would want to read about that unless they could secretly travel through time or fly spaceships? He draws a lot of my inspiration from English and Irish folklore, which often takes place in castles, bogs, forests, and mountains.

John Hughes has had the opportunity to travel to a number of these locations throughout his career, from the dark vaults of London’s crown jewels to the vast African jungles, learning about a variety of cultures and traditions and, most importantly, storytelling. He hopes you can join him on his mythical journey because there will be additional books.

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Published by LR Price Publications, The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee is available in paperback (£9.99) from Amazon at

The book is also available to purchase at Barnes & Noble  /  Waterstones and The Book Depository

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