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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Alex Mont-Ros releases new book, Family Meeting Planner, to help families with communication.

Family Communication

Alex Mont-Ros has learned a thing or two about how important it is for family members to communicate, be organized, and hold each other accountable as a father of eight children—both biological and stepchildren—for more than 20 years.

Mont-Ros held family meetings for years in an effort to keep his family engaged, promote open communication, and address schedules, values, and other needs. However, he admits that it was hard to keep the meetings organized and consistent.

Family Meeting Planner by Alex Mont-Ros on The Table Read Magazine
Family Meeting Planner

“It wasn’t until we decided to be intentional and formalize our agendas, build guidelines to how we would conduct our time together, and treated our family meetings with the respect they deserved that things changed for the better,” said Alex Mont-Ros.

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Family Meeting Planner

The Family Meeting Planner, which he created using his experience, has seven key sections that share his secrets for holding effective, planned family meetings:

  • – A simple but effective way to create Family Core Values
  • – How to outline yearly goals and family mission
  • – How to build better communicators and have engaging conversations
  • – 52 weeks’ worth of family meeting worksheet agendas
  • – And much more

The Family Meeting Planner aims to teach children what it means to lead and be dedicated to the people who are most important to them while also assisting families in improving communication and planning.

“The results were our family grew closer, our conversations became more genuine, and as parents we were able to lead more effectively while helping our children become better communicators and accountable individuals — all while having fun doing it,” said Mont-Ros. “The Family Meeting Planner is a unique tool created for parents by parents who take leading their families seriously. There’s no planner on the market dedicated and focused specifically on doing an effective family meeting consistently like The Family Meeting Planner.”

Alex Mont-Ros on The Table Read Magazine
Alex Mont-Ros

Alex Mont-Ros

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Alex Mont-Ros is a serial entrepreneur who is also a proud father who has a burning desire to see others succeed. He has a blended family with his best friend Lisa Mont-Ros, whom he has married. He helps men and fathers become better home-based leaders so they can be better business leaders later. His primary objective is to ensure that fathers can thrive and achieve success in their careers, families, and marriages by prioritizing the most important things.

Mont-Ros holds a bachelor’s degree in management of businesses. He enjoys jiu jitsu, giving back to the community through charitable endeavors and short-term mission trips abroad.

Find more from Alex Mont-Ros now:

Connect with Mont-Ros on Instagram (@dadstepup) and TikTok (@dadsstepup).

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