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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, with the release of her new single, Wade In The Water, Yona Marie shares her musical experiences and inspirations.

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Yona Marie on The Table Read Magazine
Yona Marie

Written by Yona Marie

Hey there, I’m Yona Marie—a musician and marketer on a quest to create content that resonates with the soul. My love for singing and writing music has been the heartbeat of my life for over 15 years, and I have no plans of hitting the pause button anytime soon. I thrive on versatility, singing everything from Hip Hop and Funk to R&B, House, Jazz, and beyond.

Music History

My formal education in music took me through the halls of Hyattsville Middle School, Suitland High School, and Jacksonville University. Initially majoring in Vocal Performance, I felt the magnetic pull of marketing and decided to switch my major to Music Business after my first two semesters. It was a move that allowed me to make room for my growing passion for both music and marketing.

Beyond the notes and rhythms, I’m all about family, friends, and spending quality time with my husband, whom I married on 9/24/22. I find joy in movies, shows, books, comic book storylines, and anime, particularly those that delve into the realms of sci-fi fantasy. My journey is not just about creating music; it’s a perpetual quest to become the best version of myself each day, pushing past anxieties and fears to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Career Launch

My official launch into session singing (studio singing) work-for-hire gigs began in 2018, opening doors to a world of new relationships, connections, and creative projects that sometimes felt beyond my scope of knowledge. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge, I delved into research, only to find thin, outdated, or plain wrong information on many sites. Determined to bridge this gap, I decided to leverage my experience in content writing to create a brand that offers free, accurate, and helpful information to musicians like me.

This decision was not just about filling a void in the music niche; it was a commitment to providing a platform for current and potential clients to connect with me easily. While I engage in most of my studio work through freelance sites, creating a dedicated space for collaboration has proven immensely beneficial.

Finding Success

In 2010, I gained mainstream recognition with ‘The Luv Exposure,’ featuring artists, producers, and singers from around the country. A finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2011 for the gospel submission “Give It To You, Lord,” I continued to make waves with the neo-soul track “High” in 2013, credited to the late J Dilla. The release of my debut album “Reminiscent” in 2014 brought thousands of new fans, thanks to promotion on Pandora Radio.

Collaborations with industry giants like Diamond, Rah Digga, and FM Supreme underscored my versatility and commitment to meaningful causes, such as taking a stand against domestic violence. In 2016, under the name Rachel Marie, I joined forces with EDM producer Eli Way for the viral track “Just Wanna Love You,” amassing over a million streams.

Need For Change

In 2018, I felt the need for a change, prompting me to adopt the name Yona Marie. Inspired by the manga “Yona of The Dawn,” the name symbolizes a journey of growth and empowerment. As a session singer, writer, and producer, I’ve collaborated with over 200 clients, producing content that spans genres and resonates with audiences.

My journey is a symphony of passion, perseverance, and purpose. I’m not just an artist; I’m a storyteller, and my story is one of continuous evolution. Through my commitment to self-improvement, I strive to inspire fellow musicians to take risks, push past anxieties, and become the best versions of themselves. In a digital music landscape that’s ever-changing, I stand as a guide, illuminating the path for aspiring artists to follow their dreams and create music that speaks to the soul.

Mental Health

I’ll be honest—I’ve wrestled with anxiety and nervousness every time I step onto the stage. Despite my passion for music, the fear of judgment and the uncertainty of live performances have been persistent companions on my musical journey. The pressure to deliver a flawless performance often felt like a weight on my shoulders, and there were moments when the stage felt more like a battleground than a place of expression.

But here’s the thing—I refuse to let anxiety dictate the narrative of my musical career. Instead, I’ve chosen to confront it head-on, acknowledging that growth exists beyond the comfort zone. It’s a journey, a process of unraveling the knots of apprehension one performance at a time. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be nervous, to feel that surge of anxiety, but it’s equally important to channel that energy into a source of strength.

With each note I sing and every stage I grace, I’m working through my anxiety, transforming it into a driving force rather than a hindrance. I’ve come to realize that authenticity resonates more profoundly with audiences than perfection ever could. So, to anyone out there grappling with performance anxiety, know that you’re not alone. Embrace the nerves, use them as a catalyst for growth, and watch as they gradually transform into the fuel that propels you forward on your artistic journey. Remember, the magic happens when we step outside our comfort zones and face our fears with resilience and determination.

Wade In The Water

Wade In The Water by Yona Marie on The Table Read Magazine
Wade In The Water by Yona Marie

I’m happy to share my latest release—a cover of “Wade in the Water.” This rendition is more than just a song; it’s a contemporary interpretation that delves into the depths of the soul, infusing the classic spiritual with a modern twist that reflects my diverse musical influences.

The cover invites listeners to embrace the discomfort of life’s challenges, echoing the message that, much like wading through turbulent currents, growth and transformation often occur in the face of adversity.

The instrumentation serves as a powerful backdrop, mirroring the feeling of troubled waters and providing a soul-stirring experience that is both uplifting and encouraging. Dive into this transformative cover of “Wade in the Water” and emerge on the other side stronger, renewed, and inspired to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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