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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, featuring Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide, Glassio releases 4 track single, Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow, outline the 4 stages of a long goodbye.

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Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?

Reflecting on what we have lost and what we still have, Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow? by Glassio features vocal harmonies from Brooklyn based singer Rodes Rollins and Bristol alt bedroom pop duo Mumble Tide. Weaving together influences from Brit-Pop to Brian Wilson to The Flaming Lips, this episodic, 4-track single is designed to be listened to from start to finish, outlining the 4-stages of a long goodbye. 

Track 1: The boisterous, beckoning and anthemic promise to change 

Track 2: The lonely, Tuesday night journal entry wishing things hadn’t fallen apart 

Track 3: The realization of how small your problems are in the world, and how fleeting life is. 

Track 4: The last breath of missing someone before finally moving on. 


Glassio on The Table Read Magazine

The melodic and lyrically oblique songwriting of Irish-Persian musician Sam R. Glassio has become one of New York City’s staple indie-electronic outfits over the past 7 years. Born and raised in both Sharjah in the Middle East and Monterey in California, Sam R. fell in love with music listening to Pet Sounds and Graceland on his way to school in the mornings.

With millions of streams online and a loyal fanbase around the world, the melodic sweetness and brooding dance beats of Glassio often bridge influences from Big Beat to Chamber Pop to New Wave. 

It was that  juxtaposition of hearing Brian Wilson’s harmonies in a very barren, desert/Arabian landscape that I think planted the seeds for my love for making music that mixes different influences and challenges associations you might have with certain instruments.

-Sam R. Glassio

Glassio’s Music

Glassio’s debut EP, Poptimism, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim and viral success with lead single Try Much Harder peaking at No. 9 on the Global Viral Charts on Spotify. Next followed a series of singles and the Age of Experience EP in 2018, further cementing Glassio as an act that proves that electronic music and great storytelling are a perfect match. 

A full length album, For The Very Last Time, was released via Downtown Music in 2020, garnering over 7 million streams online, and recognition from Bandcamp as one of the best electronic albums of the year. The record featured guest vocals from Brooklyn-based songwriter Daneshevskaya.

Follow up album, See You Shine, made waves in Europe, charting at No. 1 on multiple iTunes Charts around the world. Lead single Breakaway was featured in Amazon Studios’ feature film Don’t Make Me Go and Netflix’s Locke and Key. 

2023 and 2024 will see the release of a string of collaborative singles, starting with “A Friend Like You” featuring LA-based Indie-Dream-Pop artist Beauty Queen, and follow up single “Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?” featuring Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide. 

Rodes Rollins

Brooklyn-based singer Rodes Rollins writes Americana pop songs that take dusty, psychedelic turns. Her approach to rock n’ roll is transcendent and nostalgic, calling on old Western elements and vintage riffs. Like some of her kindred indie rock and folk contemporaries Weyes Blood and Meg Remy of U.S. Girls, Rodes Rollins writes songs that evade time and that are not traceable to any one era in music. – VICE

Mumble Tide

Mumble Tide is an alternative bedroom pop duo made up of Gina and Ryan (and their mascot Furbz). Blending picky folk, scrappy DIY guitars and sweet pop melodies together, the Bristol based duo have been making waves since their first lockdown release Sleepy Heads. Their music has been featured routinely on BBC Radio in the U.K.

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