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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Vicky Donoghue and Michelle Spratt share the realities of supporting their husband/father John from the time he was diagnosed with vascular dementia until his passing in 2019 in their memoir, Come On In.

Vascular Dementia Journey

Come on In is a memoir written by Vicky Donoghue and Michelle Spratt, a mother and daughter, that provides Vascular Dementia patients and their loved ones with practical support and an honest account of what lies ahead.

The authors discuss the unexpected and rarely discussed mental and physical aspects of the disease, written with honesty that does not shy away from the cruel realities of watching your loved one unravel and fade away. In addition, the authors’ sincerity and generosity bring an unexpected brightness to such a troubling topic, resolute in their belief that dementia is a phase of life that affects one in three people in the UK and does not define the sufferer or their caregivers.

Come On In... To our World of Living with Vascular Dementia on The Table Read Magazine
Come On In… To our World of Living with Vascular Dementia 

One of the most difficult choices that newly diagnosed families must make is purchasing a copy of Come On In, but they will be glad they did so as their Vascular Dementia journey continues on the only path it knows.


Come On In… To our World of Living with Vascular Dementia 

Come On In was written out of love, respect, and, in retrospect, as a way to deal with the diagnosis of vascular dementia in a loved one.

Their family saw Vascular Dementia for what it really is: a cruel disease. a disease that destroys a person’s personality and takes their loved ones’ lives away as they endure the agony of watching their loved one slowly die.

This book was written by Vicky and her daughter Michelle so that the loved ones of other people who have succumbed to this terrible disease can find solace. They want you to know that you are not alone, that their experiences will help you along your journey, and that the advice they provide will assist you in figuring out your own method of coping.

Vicky Donoghue And Michelle Spratt on The Table Read Magazine
Vicky Donoghue And Michelle Spratt

Vicky Donoghue And Michelle Spratt

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Vicky Donoghue continues to have a very close relationship with her three children and their families despite John’s passing in 2019 from Vascular Dementia. She considers her family to be her savior and everything in the world, and nothing can compare to how much she adores them all. Always “there” for her, they have been.

Author and mother of two, Michelle Spratt, is Her first memoir and book is Come on In. She lives with her husband and children in Berkshire, UK. They tell the story of a family that was affected by vascular dementia together with Vicky, her mother.

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Published by Forget-Me-Not Publishing, Come on In .. To our World of Living with Vascular Dementia is available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle format (£4.99) on Amazon at and

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