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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Raf Michalowski, owner of Meble Furniture, shares his advice for how to make your home look like a Wes Anderson movie, so fans can feel like they’re living in a film set!

Make Your Home Look Like A Wes Anderson Movie

The amazing works of eccentric filmmaker Wes Anderson are beloved, with his unique style making his movies universally recognizable. From the beloved Fantastic Mr. Fox to the wonderful The Grand Budapest Hotel, his extraordinary filmmaking approach has affected the business and accomplished widespread praise.

With the latest TikTok trend involving creating everyday situations in Wes Anderson’s style, Raf Michalowski, owner of Meble Furniture, offers top tips for how to make your home look like a Wes Anderson movie.

Add Bright Contrasting Colours

Create the mismatched style Wes uses on his sets with bold wallpapers and patterned furniture.

The first thing you notice about Wes’ films are the bright, block colours he uses in every scene. Although most people avoid mismatching bright colours, Wes actively incorporates them by adding different patterns and contrast, not to mention his love for pink and red.

-Raf Michalowski

Incorporate Vintage Items 

Michalowski recommends exploring secondhand shops, estate sales, and second hand sites for vintage, one of a kind things to decorate your space with. Search for things with barley twist legs, Chesterfield-styled couches, and contemporary art pieces. Refurbishing pieces currently in a home with gold accents or new upholstery can also give that one of a kind vibe.

Satisfying Symmetrical Style 

Two matching pieces on either side can help create symmetry in each room to give a focal point in the center.

The ingenious director possesses a unique knack for arranging objects in satisfyingly symmetrical ways. Emulating this style is fairly straightforward. If you want to make your home resemble a scene from a Wes Anderson movie, include elements in pairs. This could mean integrating retro-styled lamps, artwork, and floor-length patterned curtains.

-Raf Michalowski

Room To Play 

Declutter and remove items to help recreate Andersons’ open sets and scenes style, with space to move around.

Remove items that do not reflect Wes’ aesthetic or lack functionality. Adopt the “less is more” philosophy and only have the necessities in a room to create a feeling of open space. Restrict the quantity of furniture and opt for a stylish yet functional entertainment center to conceal cables and other distractions from the room.

-Raf Michalowski

Add In Some History

Anderson excels at incorporating different eras via specific elements with his affinity for vibrant hues and amazing wallpapers

The vintage Flemish tapestry features in The Darjeeling Limited capture historical greatness. Similarly, objects like antique vases, mosaics, vintage art, and even visually appealing history books can create the same feel.

-Raf Michalowski

Wes Anderson’s Style

While Wes Anderson’s striking stylish probably won’t appeal to everybody, it’s without a doubt a charming to try different things while settling on a plan for a living space.

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