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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out research conducted by Ticketgum into which football team has the sweariest fans!

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Passion. Rivalry. The beautiful game. Football leagues throbs with electrifying energy, where dedicated fans roar with excitement and agony in equal measure. But let’s face it, sometimes that passion spills over into, well, colourful language. This begs the question: Which football team in the UK boasts the sweariest supporters?

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We delve into the world of supporter statistics and social media sentiment analysis to uncover the clubs whose fans might need a thesaurus (or a good thesaurus app) to express their emotions during a nail-biting match. So, buckle up and prepare for some (probably bleeped-out) insights as we explore the language of loyalty in football.

Experts at conducted a Reddit analysis, taking to the number of each football team’s subreddit page to determine which team’s fans swear the most.

  • The most favoured swear words among football fans is ‘fucking’, with it being the top swear word for 28 football clubs’ fans.
  • Newcastle United FC is the Premier League team with the sweariest fans, swearing every 116 words on average, in front Manchester United fans cursing every 120 words.
  • Celtic FC has the sweariest fans in the UK, swearing every 100 words on average.

The Football Teams With The Sweariest Fans

 Football TeamTotal WordsTotal Swear WordsSwear words per total words
1Celtic FC80,689805100
2Rangers FC322,5093,097104
3Cardiff City83,478797105
4Leeds United761,6777,074108
5Newcastle United FC621,7595,342116
6Manchester United863,9147,195120
7Chelsea FC1,079,9888362129
8Sheffield United232,5221,795129
9Brighton & Hove Albion214,4981648130
10Liverpool FC1,3039809743133

Celtic FC

Celtic FC club fans are the most foul mouthed, averaging a swear every 100 words in their subreddit. That is a whopping 805 swear words out of over 80,000 words analysed. The most favoured swear by the team’s fans is ‘fucking’, shared with 5 other teams in the top 10.

Celtic FC, also known as The Bhoys, is a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland. They are one of the most successful clubs in Scottish football history, having won numerous titles including the Scottish Premiership, the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup. Celtic is known for its passionate fan base and fierce rivalry with Rangers FC. The club currently competes in the Scottish Premiership, the top tier of Scottish football.

Rangers FC

Following in second is another Scottish club, Rangers FC, with fans averaging a swear word per 104 words. The team’s fans total 3,097 swears out of 322,509 words analysed. Of which, ‘fucking’ makes up 15% of swear words used , and ‘fuck’ makes up 12%.

Rangers FC, nicknamed “The Gers”, is a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland. Alongside Celtic FC, they are one of the most decorated clubs in Scotland. Their trophy cabinet boasts numerous Scottish Premiership titles, Scottish Cups, and Scottish League Cups. Rangers are renowned for their passionate fanbase and the intense rivalry they share with Celtic FC, which is often referred to as the “Old Firm” rivalry. Currently, the club competes in the Scottish Premiership, the highest level of Scottish professional football.

Cardiff City

In third Cardiff City, a championship league club where fans swear almost as frequently as Rangers fans (every 105 words on average), ‘fucking’ makes up more than 1 in 5 swear words used on the subreddit.

Cardiff City FC, nicknamed “The Bluebirds,” is a Welsh club currently competing in the Championship, the second tier of English football. Founded in 1899, they hold the distinction of being the only non-English team to win the FA Cup, achieving this feat in 1927. Despite a loyal fanbase and a stint in the Premier League from 2018-2019, they haven’t secured a permanent spot in the top league and continue to fight for promotion.

Newcastle United

The first club fans from the Premier League to make an appearance is Newcastle United in fifth position, with a swear word every 116 words. The magpies are totalling 5,342 swears out of 621,759 words analysed with ‘fucking’, ‘fuck’ and ‘burn’ the most used.

Newcastle United, also known as “The Magpies,” is a historic English football club currently playing in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. Despite a passionate fanbase and electric atmosphere at St James’ Park, their stadium, they haven’t lifted a major trophy since the late 1960s. Recently acquired by a new ownership group, the club is hoping to climb the ranks and challenge for silverware again. They face a fierce local rivalry with fellow North East club, Sunderland AFC.

Manchester United

Manchester United fans are right after, and taking the sixth position (second for the Premier League), swearing on average every 120 words.

Manchester United, nicknamed “The Red Devils,” is a giant of English football and one of the most famous clubs in the world. Founded in 1878, Manchester United boasts a rich history and a trophy cabinet overflowing with silverware. They hold the record for most English top-flight league titles (20) and have triumphed in numerous other competitions, including the FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, and the FIFA Club World Cup. Manchester United has a massive and passionate global fanbase, creating an electric atmosphere at Old Trafford, their historic stadium. Their biggest rival is Manchester City, creating the famous “Manchester Derby.”

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