Writing A Transformational Book At 40

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Written by Natalie Farrell


Writing a transformational book at 40: The 3 why’s behind the soul story 

A soul in sync with its power can change the world one heartbeat at a time. 

In August of 2020 Natalie Farrell turned 40. To celebrate she decided to write a book. One year on and Light The Way is now ready to be birthed into the world. In this article Natalie shares with you the motivation behind the 3 why’s to writing her first transformational book. 

Gain Clarity 

Natalie Farrell, Writing A Transformational Book, on The Table Read
Natalie Farrell

The initial idea for the book came to me in a download one evening. I was presented with 10 words that represented the 10 steps that people go through when navigating the transitional period of change. I wrote the 10 words below into my notes on my phone and then forgot about them!




Listen in

Blind Trails


Soul connections

Sitting in Silence



Until a month later when Nicola offered me a space on her Unbound Writing Mastermind. Within the Mastermind, I had access to 4-5 hours writing in circle with other women who were also being called to create a transformational book. 

As I started to write each week I began to gain clarity on the deeper reasons for writing the book. It was a chance for me to

Understand my thought

Express my philosophies 

A platform for all my ideas to be together and laid out in a succinct way  

Clearly laying out a path so I could help. Not just one client. But open the work up to many different people. 

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Develop Deep Trust 

I made time and space each week for my writing. In the first 3 months, it was 2-4 hours a week. In the last month, it turned into 25-30 hours a week. The whole experience of writing in the Unbound way was right for me because it allowed me to follow the cycles of my body and life. 

During this period I started to realise how much of a hold my perfectionist traits took on tasks I’d set myself. Slowly, I let go of this way of being. Creating new rituals to keep the zest and momentum flowing in an integral way between writing and living. 

I learned to stop and drop to my mat and zen out on a bolster to give my back the rest it needed. Or make a cup of tea to reflect and get a new perspective on a word that wasn’t quite coming to the front of my mind. I took my computer to the sea to write or to my favourite cafe to add an essence of Viva la Vida and realness into the book. 

I started to realise that although the words and the philosophies were from experiences I had lived and learned from, they were also teachings that I had been through and experienced for many lifetimes. A glorious magical symbiotic exchange was occurring as I wrote. I was evolving. 

As I evolved my perception became clearer. Keys were being activated within me to share new information and teachings. The knowledge within me was finally being fully expressed. 

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Full Expression 

Natalie Farrell, Writing A Transformational Book, on The Table Read
Natalie Farrell

This last reason is one I can only express now after completing the book. The experience was intimate. I fell in love with the book. And the book writing process. 

I longed to be with her. At points, I really didn’t want to face her. After I submitted my first draft to my publisher I was nervous and relieved. Phew! She was in someone else’s hands for a few days and I could rest. 

On the 13th March Nicola sent me an email: 

“I’ve SO enjoyed diving into Light The Way over the past week – what a magical companion she has been! Well done! I loved the fluid structure and the poems at the beginning of each chapter in the second part of the book are genius.”

I burst into tears standing on the streets of Malaga. A momentous moment of celebration. For in this process of free writing and allowing myself to rise into the full expression of who I was born to be. I could relax knowing that the words and messages were impactful. 

What happened next is truly phenomenal. 

I set up a call with Nicola to go over the notes she had created from the first draft. In this call, Nicola said, “Natalie it is time for you to GO ALL IN.” This was the activation key I needed to move even deeper into owning my out-of-the-ordinary soul story. To share even more intimately with the readers and create a truth-filled visceral experience. 

I remember meeting with Estelle one of my dearest friends and founder of Liverpool Yoga Studios and my LYS life. She said in her delicious Liverpool accent…

…it’s time Babe to really dig deep….

And that’s what I did…

Dig Deep 

It took me 3 more months to complete the book. Initially, I exclaimed “What! I have to go back in and write more!” But you know what? This really was where the writing, storytelling, and channeling started to get juicy, more real, and even more vulnerable. 

On the 14th of April 2021l, I sent the final draft to Nicola. 

On the 16th of July 2021, I had the first printed copy in my hands.

It felt strange and wonder-full at the same time a year after I started writing to be holding the book on my 41st birthday. 

What a gift! 

What a year! 

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Through her work as a writer, author, radio presenter, and coach, Natalie empowers women to push to their edges: to embrace their wild and to reconnect and honour the power of their intuitive voice. 




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