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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, 2023 fashion collection, A New Dawn, from luxury jewellery brand ZUZWA, was created by designer Mina Tadros.

A New Dawn

ZUZWA on The Table Read
ZUZWA, A New Dawn Collection

Mina Tadros, the son of the brand’s founder Makram Tadros, created ZUZWA’s 2023 collection, A New Dawn, which was announced today for release. The high-end luxury jewelry brand with its headquarters in Paris, which has been around for sixty years, is now turning its distinctive eye toward fashion. It gets its inspiration from the fashion company’s history and its dedication to artisanship and the creation of the highest quality items.

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“Creating high jewellery is all about timelessness and attention to detail. A New Dawn focuses on timelessness in the context of the beauty that surrounds us in nature, and our interpretation of continuation and change,” said Mina Tadros, ZUZWA. “It highlights the idea that while everything has its place in our ever-evolving lives, the French way of living in the moment, making the most of every day and every night is a way of life worth living.”
ZUZWA Jewellery 2
ZUZWA, A New Dawn Collection



Makram Tadros, a visionary designer, launched ZUZWA in 1959. As ZUZWA created timeless, beautiful pieces and established a legacy based on the ethos of class and etiquette that continues to resonate throughout the fashion industry today, his original jewelry designs quickly became sought-after. The work of Makram was in high demand in Egypt, Italy, and France. The new line of clothing from ZUZWA continues that tradition.

A New Dawn brings new magic into our lives with beautiful, high-quality pieces, giving the company’s historic brand a stylish, contemporary twist. The Lion and the Lioness’ recurring themes of majesty, bravery, and a sense of being at the top of one’s game are emphasized in the bold new clothing line. The sixty-year-old fashion house’s history is also incorporated into the collection, which is a celebration and rebirth of the brand.

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From February 28, 2023, the new collection will be available online at and in global boutiques.

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