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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, in her podcast, HRT Is Not The Only Solution, Sunday Times bestselling midwife of 38 years, Maria Anderson, who’s gone full circle from midwifery to menopause expert, shares advice for women.

HRT Is Not The Only Solution

HRT Is Not The Only Solution podcast with Maria Anderson on The Table Read Magazine
HRT Is Not The Only Solution podcast with Maria Anderson

This month, 55 year old, Maria Anderson, initially from Jarrow, Newcastle and currently living in Inverness, Scotland, who has supported thousands of women over her career, and is a huge advocate for women’s health, is celebrating having gone full circle from midwifery to menopause by launching her new podcast –  HRT Is Not The Only Solution.

HRT Is Not The Only Solution is flying up the charts, reaching number 14 on the international Apple podcasts charts in Self Improvement, and number 39 in Education, surpassing TV host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Marie Forleo, described by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation,  and Marisa Friends, a world famous Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer.  

The podcast was made as part of her mission to reach millions worldwide with her menopause message, HRT is not the ONLY solution, Maria, known as The Straight Talking Menopause Coach is empowering midlife women. Having spent 38 years working as a nurse, midwife and lecturer for the NHS, Maria retired early to set up her own coaching business, after suffering with menopausal symptoms herself. She now works to help other women see menopause through new eyes, so they don’t fall into the same traps that she did.

Dependency On HRT

Maria is concerned that as a nation, we are overly dependent on HRT as the only solution to all menopause symptoms and that we are constantly looking for ways to “fix” women going through the menopause. Maria, who has shared her experience and knowledge on a wide scale, after her ‘Tales of a Midwife’ book turned into a Sunday Times Bestseller in 2012, is passionate about supporting women to have the right information that will let them live their lives to the fullest.

In her podcast, which is here to rock the boat of HRT being the main answer for perimenopause/menopause, Mari shares approaches to coping with the menopause that changed her own life, and the lives of the women she has worked with, to take her listeners from a place where they are suffering to one where they can experience joy.

Maria Anderson, photo credit Victoria Connery on The Table Read Magazine
Maria Anderson, photo credit Victoria Connery

Rather than treating menopause as a problem to solve and get rid of the symptoms of overnight, Maria is quick to teach and enable women with information about what’s really happening in our body and psyche during the menopause, so they can understand what their body needs. She is dedicated to teaching women that HRT isn’t the only option for dealing with the effect of the menopause.

Maria Anderson

“Over the last couple of years as the fear of HRT has been removed, as more and more studies have been done on it and it becomes more recognised in mainstream society it has created a new problem – HRT has been offered as THE ONLY solution for women suffering with menopause symptoms. Society has gone from one extreme to another. The impact has been equally confusing for women, and the medical profession is unprepared for this turnaround with only 40% GP’s having any training. It is not part of the medical training curriculum, so it is no surprise that when women are visiting their local GP for advice – they are continually being faced with GP’s scratching their heads, no interest and inappropriate advice, disregard for women experiencing these symptoms.”

 “The solution of a “blanket approach” of HRT for everyone has led to an excessive demand for these products – and supply in so many areas of the country is limited, which has created a black market for this product. The hysteria around the lack of HRT has recreated a fear that is worse than when it was branded unsafe. There are situations where women are supporting each other by sharing their HRT prescriptions with their friends to help them out in this shortage. This is very scary for women’s health, but there seems to be a belief that this is acceptable. Would women take an insulin vial left on their doorstep? The answer is no, so once again a problem has been created by this focus on HRT as the solution for women. This fear is impacting women’s health and driving women to behave in a way that is out of character and irrational.”

“Today’s society is missing the point of menopause in my opinion. Women are not “problems” that need to be fixed  – Menopause is not a chapter that needs “sorting”, it is a life chapter full of opportunity for women to learn how to optimise their health and start planning how they would like to live their life in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – but it’s only exciting if you feel empowered – not if you feel overwhelmed.”

 “I work closely alongside so many women suffering with menopause symptoms. I serve women who take HRT, don’t take HRT, women who are confused about what to do, women who have been taking HRT for 10 years + and have found NO difference in their menopause symptoms. There is so much information on the internet, in the media about menopause/peri- menopause but it is still confusing, women feel lost, unsupported and find themselves in a state of “fear” during this chapter of their lives.”

Podcast Episodes

  •     HRT – What you’re not being told,
  •     You are the problem – not your family
  •     Until you’re the priority, nothing will change
  •     What other names for Vagina do you have?
  •     What is really causing your energy drain?
  •     How long are you going to wait before taking action?

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