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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, join Grace Sammon and Mary Helen Sheriff on LAUNCH PAD radio, promoting and celebrating new book releases and the writers that make them.


LAUNCH PAD on The Table Read Magazine

Launch Pad Radio features speedy thirty-minute interviews with different writers and authors, live on Facebook as part of Grace Sammon’s Bookish Road Trip, broadcast to over 5000 members and in over 153 countries through a collaboration with Authors on The Air Global Radio Network.

Then Author Marketing Coach Mary Helen Sheriff teaches you her tips and tricks in a series of Monthly Marketing Meetups.

The success of LAUNCH PAD’s unique format has drawn rave reviews from authors, readers, bookstagrammers, book promoters, book clubs, publishing houses, and writing organizations who value the opportunity to share bookish news with authors and readers alike.

Guests are offered exposure in an interactive format thanks to LAUNCH PAD using both Facebook and radio platforms. The show goes live on Facebook where guests can invite their fans to tune in, comment, and get clarification on some pressing issues.

Grace Sammon And Mary Helen Sherriff

LAUNCH PAD is a joint effort between author of The Eves, Grace Sammon, and Author Marketing Coach Mary Helen Sheriff, Writers on the Air Global Radio Network, and Bookish Road Trip.

They feature up to four guest authors in every 30-minute episode, where Grace leads the guests through questions about their new releases, and each author shares their writer’s journey. The authors are then invited to ask one another questions and chat about their experiences together.

LAUNCH PAD on The Table Read Magazine

Support For Authors

Every guest who features on LAUNCH PAD is given artwork designed to promote their appearance across social media and all the links needed to post on their platforms and encourage fans to listen to their interview. Each episode is also promoted by the LAUNCH PAD team, as well as the guests cross promoting the other authors to their own audiences, to help guests find and reach as wide an audience as possible.

Every guest is also invited to take part the monthly Author’s Marketing zoom meeting with Mary Helen Sheriff, which is a great way for authors to connect with other authors and industry professionals which can be helpful for networking and for getting advice on how to promote their books.

  • Reach a large audience. LAUNCH PAD Radio has a large following of listeners around the world. This means that authors who are featured on the show have the potential to reach a large number of potential readers.
  • Build buzz for your book. The interviews on LAUNCH PAD Radio are shared on social media, which can help to build buzz for your book. This can lead to more people learning about your book and wanting to read it.
  • Get advice from industry experts. The hosts of LAUNCH PAD Radio are experienced authors and marketing professionals. They can offer you valuable advice on how to promote your book and build your career as an author.
  • Connect with other authors. LAUNCH PAD Radio is a great way to connect with other authors and industry professionals. This can be helpful for networking and for getting advice on how to promote your books.

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