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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Zachary L. Green released Warrior Entrepreneur: Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom with advice on overcoming adversity in business.

Zachary L. Green

In his new book, Warrior Entrepreneur: Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom, Zachary Green explores warrior traits for business success, including teamwork, purpose, confidence and tenacity.

“We’ve all known adversity in our lives,” explained Zachary Green. “My experiences as an entrepreneur, a U.S. Marine and as a firefighter showed me how to use that adversity to grow and prepared me for my crucible.”

Zachary L. Green on The Table Read
Zachary L. Green

Zachary Green served in the U.S. Marines and as a lieutenant in his local fire department. When he lost sight of the exits and his fellow firefighters in a smoke-filled room, he had an epiphany for his first startup and created glow-in-the-dark gear for firefighters, and exit signs that glow without power sources.

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Warrior Entrepreneur

In Warrior Entrepreneur, Green shares the struggles he went through when launching his business, and takes readers on a wild ride through the ups and downs, including mortgaging his home and maxing out his credit cards. It was his ability to face adversity as a warrior that lead to his triumph, never giving in to the fear and axiety which he refers to as the “enemy”.

After dedicating himself to helping others, in late 2020 when COVID-19 nearly took his life, Green had to harness every ouce of his warrior spirit to save himself.

“As I was literally on my deathbed, I reflected on all of the things I have achieved in my life and how the warrior spirit allowed me to conquer my challenges,” he explained.

In his new book, Green combines his own story of resilience with research and examples from other successful entrepreneurs. He encourages readers to embrace adversity as a way to grow and learn, and unpacks one-by-one the warrior principles that can apply to any career or business.

Warrior Entrepreneur by Zachary L. Green on The Table Read
Warrior Entrepreneur

“All of your hardships sharpen your thought processes,” Green said. “I stand today as a warrior entrepreneur, and I would like to share my story and stories of other warriors — be it from the battlefield to the boardroom.”

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About Zachary Green

Zachary Green is a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former lieutenant with his local fire department, Green is the founder of several different companies. One of them, MN8, has three global brands (LumAware, Foxfire and ClearGuard) and has grossed close to $30 million and raised more than $4 million in venture funding. The products are now used by over 80,000 firefighters and three of the nation’s largest retailers in addition to being carried by The Home Depot.

Green received the President of the United States “E” award in Washington, D.C., from President Trump for exporting and has been honored as Exporter of the Year by the Ohio Small Business Administration. Green was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the front page of, and in USA Today, along with numerous other local and national media outlets. Warrior Entrepreneur reached No. 1 status on in several small business and entrepreneurship categories in its first week.

Green lives in Hilton Head Island, SC. Each week, he can be found on nearby Parris Island-Marine Corps Recruit Depot where he speaks with the graduating company of new Marines about how HONOR-COURAGE and COMMITMENT are the cornerstone values of Marines in and out of uniform.

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For more information, visit or Connect with the author on Facebook, (Warrior Enterprises LLC), Twitter (@FF_Entrepreneur), Instagram (warrior_enterprises) or LinkedIn (Zachary Green).

Warrior Entrepreneur- Lessons From The Battlefield To The Boardroom

Publisher: New Degree Press

ISBN-10: ‎ 1637305834

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1637305836

Available from

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