I Wish I Could Wear Your Paintings On My Pants Sustainable Undies Supporting Women And Girls Around The World

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Artoosh began with the founder, Mariam, shouting out at an art gallery: “I wish I could wear your paintings on my pants!”

Challenging Patriarchal Norms

“I had spent 15 years working with charities around the world supporting children living in war zones, safety and hygiene amid natural disasters, as well as sustainability and conservation.

I Wish I Could Wear Your Paintings On My Pants - Sustainable Undies Supporting Women And Girls Around The World on The Table Read

Meeting more and more amazing women and through my own personal journey – I realised that many women (myself included) were often silently challenging patriarchal norms throughout societies everywhere, and seldom seemed to celebrate themselves for who they are.

So I began a personal pursuit to look for women’s underwear that wasn’t just functional, but beautiful and full of self expression. You know, like the designs had been made with the person wearing them in mind. Like art but on underwear!

Making The Perfect Underwear

Not finding much out there, I asked artist-friends from all around the world to hand-paint art to use on undies.. and they simply looked awesome! Thus the dream began… working with fine artists, supporting the art community and making beautiful underwear for women.” Mariam says.

Mariam didn’t stop there though… The fabric needed to be breathable, comfortable, odour and moisture absorbing, all while positively impacting sustainability and conservation. Bamboo uses less water than cotton and is pesticide free. Mixed with super soft modal and a pinch of elastane, it is the softest bamboo-modal experience – ever.

The Importance Of Underwear

She explains: “It was important to make underwear that also DID good. With lessons learned from my career, I knew that underwear can protect women and girls from feeling vulnerable in the face of sexual threat, social exclusion,
missing school and infection. That there are millions of girls and women without underwear that feel more vulnerable every day than those with. So why not ensure that with every one undie sold, another is sent to a girl who doesn’t have ready access to cute pants? Done.”

The end result is the construction of the most beautiful, breathable and kind underwear in the world.

Why Call It Artoosh?

I Wish I Could Wear Your Paintings On My Pants - Sustainable Undies Supporting Women And Girls Around The World on The Table Read

“Because with every piece you own, your toosh sends love, to artists, to the planet, and to yourself. And when the first piece of clothing you put on feels that good, you’ve just set the tone for the rest of your day.

So for your next underwear haul, you know where to go. Not only will you be wearing some super cool and comfortable pants but you’ll be helping another girl or woman, feel comfortable, secure and protected.

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Who Are Artoosh?

Artoosh is a conscious and inclusive undie movement that focuses on art, sustainability and empowering and protecting women. We do it by addressing the environmental, ethical and artistic gaps in the industry that make up women’s most delicate and important piece of clothing.

We work with artists to create beautiful pieces of art for printing. Our undies are made of sustainable bamboo and beechwood. And, with every pair sold, we send a pair of bamboo undies to a woman or girl who doesn’t have ready access to underwear across the world.

Undies That Do It All

Working with artists gives us the opportunity to create pieces that tell a story while empowering the art community all over the world. It also means we can make simply beautiful pants!

Creating sustainable underwear means we’re in it for the long haul. Slow fashion is about producing high quality, durable, eco-friendly fabrics that put the planet first. Not our bottom line.

I Wish I Could Wear Your Paintings On My Pants - Sustainable Undies Supporting Women And Girls Around The World on The Table Read

Sending sustainable underwear to help women and girls stay in school, maintain dignity, and feel safe means everything to us!


Wear One, Give One

Giving is essential to our identity. Life without underwear can mean missing school, social exclusion, high risk of infection, slow wound healing, and the threat of sexual assault.

With every piece sold, we send one sustainable bamboo undie to a girl or woman around the world who needs protection and support.

Artoosh is a conscious and inclusive undie movement. By creating undies that do good, feel good and look good, we’re giving our customers the choice to join us in a new way of buying.

Sustainable Bamboo Blend

It takes 1000 litres of water to make 1 cotton undie. With bamboo, it takes 1 litre of rainwater. Our raw bamboo is organic, chemical and pesticide free. In the factory, the bamboo fibres are made into pulp where 99.5% of the chemicals used are captured and recycled to be used again.

Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than cotton, absorbs moisture and odour. It’s also extremely hypoallergenic and comforting to sensitive skin.

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