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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Julie Conrad shares details of her novels, High Places and Justice, and why they are perfect for adaptation on screen.

Julie Conrad on The Table Read

Written by Julie Conrad

I wrote the draft to High Places in 1990. During the time of John Majors back to basics campaign, when most male MPs including Majors, himself, was were having extra marital affairs. It inspired me to write a novel against a political back drop. It was placed in a box for thirty years. At the beginning of lock down, I decided to use the time to finish and publish the novel. Since which I have continued to write five more books. High Places is a psychological thriller with many twists and turns.

High Places

A middle-aged, married, Conservative MP, Sir Rufus Holroyd, whose life has become routine and predictable, meets a young, naive secretary, Magda Rainford.

A romance blossoms. He sets Magda up in an apartment in Chelsea, away from her friends and work colleagues, she becomes isolated and dependant on Rufus, her life revolves around his visits and their time together.

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Three years down the line, Magda wants more, she has envisaged them being together permanently, whilst, Sir Rufus wracked with guilt and tiring of Magda’s neediness and demands, wants out.

Lonely and desperate, Magda can see the relationship slipping away. She is befriended by an elusive woman, who offers support to Magda in her quest to exact revenge. The consequences of her actions spiral out of her control leading to murder and devastation of both their lives.

Readers loved the book and wanted to know what happened next. Therefore, I wrote a sequel, Justice.


Justice by Julie Conrad on The Table Read

The second novel picks up five years later. A new Labour government leads to a shakeup of MI5, whilst new evidence is discovered which gives Magda Rainford’s evidence at the trial authenticity. The lives of the people who benefited from Magda’s conviction are thrown into disarray. The deceit and web of lies begin to unravel. Let Justice be done.

In Justice, the high powered and successful characters are not exempt from the pit fall of human failings. These individuals have unfulfilled dreams, needs and secrets they cannot share with those close to them.

Screen Adaptation

High Places and Justice would adapt well into a television drama, both novels have the right components to ignite the interest and imagination of the viewers. Power, wealth, and the perks of being well connected. Also, human weakness, ego, intrigue, passion, manipulation, revenge, murder, and justice.

Due to the gripping nature of the novels, I foresee both novels combined as ideal for a four-to-six-part television drama, if filmed as one hour per episode.

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High Places and Justice, written by Julie Conrad. Available at Amazon and all other online book retailers and bookstores to order.



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