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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, the evocative Quantum Awakening by Kieran Clarke is a collection of sincere and profound poems written as a response to the vastness of what lies ahead.

Quantum Awakening by Kieran Clarke on The Table Read
Quantum Awakening

Quantum Awakening

This debut poet offers readers an intriguing mix of mystical and metaphysical verse because many of the poems in Kieran Clarke’s Quantum Awakening were written during his hospital stays.

The raw and dynamic style, show the Kierna Clarke’s skilled utilization of metaphors and word play with a double meaning, which guarantees his work is open and engaging to all. He advises us that we are all multi dimensional, and that reawakening from our battles, whatever those battles are, is possible.

Quantum Awakening solidifies Kieran Clarke’s position as a poetic voice in a world that is becoming increasingly difficult and confusing. It is an anthology that will be treasured by people who enjoy poetry as well as people who struggle to make sense of life.

Kieran Clarke

Kieran Clarke on The Table Read
Kieran Clarke

“This book is a collection of my personal writings or poetry that delve deep into the metaphysical and spiritual realms of human existence, and allow people to connect deeply with their own spirit and prompt inner enlightenment within their own lives.”

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Writer Kieran Clarke has a message. His poetry and prose are innovative, dynamic, and multifaceted.

Throughout the majority of his life, Kieran has struggled with significant mental health issues. In his darkest hours, he received the light of inspiration to speak words that evoke a profound transformational possibility of what can be positively achieved and realized by tapping into our inherent wisdom. He wants to bring attention to the power of words to cause a person in pain to view life in a different way.

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Published by Austin Macauley Publishers, Quantum Awakening: Words of Transformation is available in paperback (£6.15) and Kindle format (£3.50 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and

It is also available from the publishers at

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