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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Drinks House 247 tell you how to create a delicious turkey-less dinner this Christmas by taking inspiration from around the world.

Turkey Shortage

The rapid spread of bird flu means it is looking more and more likely that there will be a serious shortage of turkey this Christmas season. There’s even been a 900% increase in google searches for “turkey shortage 2022” in this last week alone.

For many festive foodies, the idea of a turkey-less Christmas dinner is horrifying. But the experts over at Drinks House 247 have saved the day and have come up with a way of creating a magical Christmas dinner even if you can’t have Turkey, by taking inspiration from Christmas dinners around the world.

Christmas Dinners Around The World

German Christmas Dinner

For a German dinner, you will be cooking duck, goose, rabbit, or roast, accompanied by apple and sausage stuffing and red cabbage. Don’t forget the potato dumplings to tie it all together.

Icelandic Christmas Dinner

For a dinner inspired by Iceland, you can cook ham or smoked lamb along with ptarmigan. For the sides, you can have vegetables such as peas, corn, or cabbage.

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Spanish Christmas Dinner

For a Spanish dinner, enjoy a variety of seafood, including lobster or prawns, which are served as a stew or in a soup.


Mexican Christmas Dinner

For dinner inspired by Mexico, cook foods with beef and pork to create hearty meals such as pozole or tamales.

Brazilian Christmas Dinner

Brazilian food is known for its rich and delicious meats, and it is no different on Christmas. Cook up a Christmas ham or roasted pork with white rice to have a hearty dinner that will surely satisfy you.

Indian Christmas Dinner

In India, Christmas dinner is composed of roast duck, beef, and stuffed chicken, along with a variety of vegetables.

French Christmas Dinner

People in France enjoy their Christmas dinner with a variety of seafood as well. Include things like smoked salmon and oysters, and you will have a traditional French dinner in no time.

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Be Inspired And Get Creative

The turky shortage might sound like the Grinch has stolen Christmas, but it’s easy to enjoy a delicious meal for Christmas without the traditional bird. Gather inspiration from around the world, get creative, and experiment with different delicious international recipes! You may find something you enjoy so much you decide to include it in future Christmas dinners.

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