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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, autistic artist Rebecca Ellis is having artwork displayed across Osprey EV Chargers for Autism Acceptance Week.

Rebecca Ellis

Osprey Charging, one of the leading networks of rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the United Kingdom, today announced that it will be displaying eye-catching, one-of-a-kind artwork created by autistic artist Rebecca Ellis across its EV chargers to commemorate Autism Acceptance Week, which runs from March 27 to April 2.

Rebecca Ellis on The Table Read Magazine
Artwork by autistic artist Rebecca Ellis will appear on Osprey’s EV chargers across the UK to celebrate Autism Acceptance Week

Rebecca, who is 31 years old, is an advocate for the neurodivergent community, a researcher, artist, and science communicator. Her work, titled “The Acceptance Journey,” was awarded $1000 by Osprey. It will be printed into high-quality wraps and displayed on 21 of the company’s chargers at the following rapid charging locations:

Blick Art Materials

Purley Cross Retail Park, Croydon

Pearl and Trawl, Wadebridge

Rock Rose, Dover

Skymaster, Warrington

Thatcher’s Needle, Diss

Squirrel, Ludlow

Stourvale, Christchurch

Burger King St Oswalds, Gloucester

Willows, Blackburn

Allison Street Retail Park, Ayr

Osprey Charging

Osprey’s chargers have hosted artwork to commemorate Pride (in July), Black History Month (in October), UK Disability History Month (in November), and It is the main UK charge point network utilizing its charger land to show work of art that causes to notice and commends these significant subjects.

Osprey Charging’s CEO, Ian Johnston, stated that because the company is developing an open EV charging network, it is essential for them to demonstrate their support for communities that are frequently underrepresented. They are honoring themes that have been suggested by staff and customers and bringing attention to some important causes and organizations by converting their EV chargers into galleries for artwork.

The Acceptance Journey by Rebecca Ellis on The Table Read Magazine
‘The Acceptance Journey’ by artist Rebecca Ellis that will appear on Osprey’s EV chargers across the UK to celebrate Autism Acceptance Week

He would like to express his gratitude to Rebecca for supporting this campaign. Her artwork will motivate drivers and others at charging stations to think about and make decisions that are considerate of people with autism and other disabilities.

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The Acceptance Journey

Osprey’s decision to feature Rebecca Ellis’ artwork on their chargers has, according to her, greatly humbled her. The Acceptance Journey addresses the means we are taking to arrive at mental imbalance acknowledgment and mindfulness. With key messages and themes written on the spines, the books represent education.

Rebecca wanted the piece to be colorful and encouraging in light of the community’s collective efforts to reduce stigma, embrace neurodiversity, and improve comprehension. She is grateful to Osprey for providing her with a platform on which to exhibit her artwork and convey such a positive message, and thinks that by supporting the autistic, neurodivergent, and other disabled communities with these fantastic campaigns, the charger artwork project demonstrates solidarity.

Osprey Charging Network

The Osprey Charging Network is a rapid electric vehicle charging network supported by Investec and Cube Infrastructure Partners that spans the entire United Kingdom. Osprey’s network is funded, installed, and managed on behalf of landlord partners by Osprey. The Osprey network is designed to make your experience safe and enjoyable: On major roads, there are dependable, open-access, and simple-to-use charge points with nearby amenities. All Osprey chargers accept payment via contactless, mobile app, RFID, and all major third-party payment methods, such as fleet cards and roaming partners. Additionally, 100% renewable electricity powers each charging station.

Autism Acceptance Week

Autism Acceptance Week (ASC) is a deep rooted condition that can influence an individual’s interactive abilities, for example, correspondence and the manner in which they communicate with others. The United Kingdom is home to approximately 700,000 people who are autistic. Autism Acceptance Week, formerly known as Autism Awareness Week, aims to raise awareness and acceptance of autism by helping more people understand what autism is and the ways in which it can affect Autistic people’s lives.

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