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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in intriguing thriller, Scotland – Independence Day by David Lee Knight, independence is not achievable by political means alone, needing a riskier journey into revolution.

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Scotland – Independence Day

Author David Lee Knight puts Scotland’s ambitions for independence centre stage in his new novel, Scotland – Independence Day, blending together the country’s proud history, cultural identity and desire for independence.

With independence still a contentious issue and very much embedded in Scotland’s current zeitgeist, this novel makes for a gripping read regardless of which side of the independence argument you sit. 

This gripping story chronicles the decades-long struggle for Scottish independence, told through the eyes of a diverse group. Isobel and Karen, unwavering socialists, fight for a more equitable future. James and Richard, seeking a different path to self-governance, advocate for a more controlled approach. Jake, hardened by a life of crime, sees only independence as a solution.

Flashbacks reveal the formative experiences that shaped their political ideologies. We see childhood hardships, societal injustices, and personal struggles that fueled their fire. Their children, the second generation, join the cause, poised to surpass their parents’ roles. But with the financial backing of a powerful gambling mogul, Simon, their vision of independence suddenly seems within reach.

Realizing the limitations of political means, a plan for a bloodless revolution takes root. Richard, leveraging his military career, has secretly built a network of loyalists within Scottish brigades. Jake’s son, honed by his father’s ruthless world, leads a trained militia to support the army. A newly formed political party prepares to become the foundation of a provisional government. They’ve meticulously planned for everything – currency, borders, economic strategies, and a functioning government structure. Everything, that is, except for the chilling presence of a psychopath lurking within their ranks.

This meticulously prepared operation hinges on one momentous day – Independence Day. But will their meticulous planning withstand the test of a hidden enemy, jeopardizing their dream of a free Scotland?

David Lee Knight

After a career at sea David Knight made Scotland his home and he has lived and worked in Glasgow ever since. He has previously published a book of short stories but this is his first novel.

The idea for this novel came into my head after the 2014 referendum when Scottish Independence seemed to be a lost cause. I wondered if there was an alternative. The idea took a while to germinate because I felt that even if fictional, the method had to be credible.

-David Lee Knight

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