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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Poo, Power & Politics by Bob Able, new ministers, civil servants, and MPs bring into sharp focus the political chaos of our times.

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Poo, Power & Politics

If you’re looking for a a book that sums up the ineptitude of today’s political establishment, Poo, Power & Politics by Bob Able has to be it. This fictional, but highly plausible, story is about what, and who, influences Westminster politics.

After the Prime Minister unexpectedly announced the forthcoming General Election, Bob Able pulled out all the stops to get Poo, Power & Politics published in time, in order to bring a smile to all as we find ourselves subjected to weeks of electioneering. A timely and amusing political satire, introducing a whole new level of ambitious and glory seeking cabinet ministers, civil servants et al, and reminds readers of all political persuasions that, come election day, we need to be careful of what we wish for.

Written to highlight the potential of what might happen in Whitehall and Downing Street if the party in power discover a new way to promote their ‘green agenda’ using a method of electricity generation based on human poo. Of course, it can’t work, or at least it can’t work quite as they envisage it. And the real effort being made by academics and clever students out of the public eye might need to come to their rescue. But then there are the property developers and the temptations to cut a few corners. Will it all go off bang?

Guaranteed to raise a smile, both from those who know their way around the corridors of power and the rest of us, if you think you’ve had fill of the baloney being played out in the corridors of Westminster, think again. Here’s your chance to sit back and enjoy a s**t storm that only those with political power could create.

Bob Able

Hi, I’m Bob Able. Poo, Power and Politics is my latest novel, and was published just as this year’s General Election was announced.

I’m what you might call a ‘part-time ex-pat’ with a home in Norfolk in the UK, and one on the Costa Blanca in Spain. My first book, ‘Spain Tomorrow’, was a light-hearted memoir about how we came to buy our property in Spain and the joys, trials, and wonderful people we encountered as we discovered the area, repaired the property (over and over again, it seemed) and got to know the less touristy bits of the northern Costa Blanca. The sequel ‘More Spain Tomorrow’ updates readers on what happened next, and how I coped with cancer … and now the third part of the chronicle ‘Third Helpings of Spain Tomorrow’ is available!

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, whilst these books are not a ‘how-to’ guide, I’m sure they will give you an insight into what the process is like… and raise a smile along the way.

We were buying right in the middle of the Brexit Referendum chaos, with tumbling exchange rates, historically low interest rates, and political pandemonium; yet we did it, and we enjoyed the experience!

I have also published several fast-paced novels including the full-length thriller ‘No Point Running’, set in 1978 before the internet or mobile phones. Then there is ‘The Menace Of Blood’ and the sequel ‘No Legacy Of Blood’. Or there are the Bobbie Bassington books, starting with ‘Bobbie and the Spanish Chap; followed by ‘Bobbie and the Crime Fighting Auntie’, then ‘Bobbie and the Wine Trouble’; and culminating in ‘Auntie Caroline’s Last Case’.

They all have the same light-hearted style, but pace and page-turning tension (and no gratuitous violence or sex).

Don’t forget to check out ‘Double Life Insurance’ with its baffling mystery to unravel and a host of characters to meet including, for the first time, Bobbie Bassington, freshly graduated from Girton College, Cambridge and ready to get up to all sorts of mischief!

As I hope all my novels demonstrate, I like to write using several timelines running simultaneously to engage the reader with the lives of a series of characters and to keep the pace up.

Some of my novels are quite short romances to suit the rush of our busy lives, perhaps wanting a quick story to read as we travel on holiday. An early example of this is found in the two-book ‘Menace Of Blood’ series which is full of action and charm (and about inheritance, not gore), and ‘No Legacy Of Blood’ continues the story Peter and Jane started but involves them in a complex plot with many twists and turns in the ‘tale’ as they try to discover who is out to do them harm.

But most importantly, all of my writing is light-hearted … I’ve been told some of my stories make great ‘beach reads’, although others have said they would make good TV series, and there have even been comments that ‘No Point Running’ in particular would make a good film, showcasing the 1970’s backdrop against which it is set … film producers should not hesitate to apply!

’Silke The Cat, My Story’ has joined my catalogue and tells the remarkable story of a little black Spanish feral cat who ends up learning to walk on a lead and travels across Europe with her doting human, who co-wrote this memoir. This book contains individual tales (or should that be ‘tails’) ideal for parents and grandparents to read to the little ones with many photographs … Silke is a real cat and lives today in Spain. Her memoir, which will also appeal to cat-loving adults, is only partly fictitious and, while speaking in ‘her voice’, (that is the fictitious bit) describes the extensive travels that really did take place. Also available as an audio book.

-Bob Able

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