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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover everything you need to know about what Celebrity Wines are available in the UK.

Celebrity Wines

Kylie Minogue has made her mark as one of the world’s most iconic pop artists, and now, the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” singer is also set to take over the wine industry. More than two years ago, Minogue partnered with Benchmark Drinks to launch a pink Prosecco, a Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc, among others. Since then, more than 7 million bottles of Kylie Minogue Wines have been sold, and last December, her newest product, a zero-alcohol sparkling rose, is said to have sold one bottle every 10 seconds over the 2022 Christmas holidays.  

Most oenophiles may scoff at wines stamped with a celebrity’s name, much in the same way that perfume enthusiasts have rolled their eyes over celebrity perfumes. Some may also think that people are only buying these wines as a way to have a connection with their favourite artists. However, a lot of celebrity wines have proven to be on par with some of the most established wine brands out there. Moreover, they make excellent yet inexpensive choices if you want to make amazing food and wine recommendations to colleagues and loved ones. Here’s what you need to know about the celebrities with their own wine range in the UK. 

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Graham Norton

Wine consumption is at an all-time high worldwide as more people have discovered the joys of discovering this alcoholic beverage. Apart from drinking wine at bars and restaurants, more individuals are also signing up for a wine-of-the-month subscription box to have access to different wines all over the world. Each wine club has its own perks, so it’s important to learn more about wine subscriptions by checking out reviews before signing up. Some of these subscription boxes may include celebrity wines, such as those by Graham Norton.

The Irish actor and presenter partnered with winemaker Rob Cameron and his friend Tim Lightbourne in 2011, and since then, their products, which are under the Invivo Wine label, have received a lot of recognition from the wine industry. In an interview with Today, Norton said that he is directly involved in the winemaking process, and that every product that he has created with the company is a product that he personally consumes. Some of his wines that are highly popular in the UK include his best-selling NZ SauviGNon Blanc, Italian Prosecco, and South African Shiraz. 

Gary Barlow

Take That was one of the most popular British boybands of the 90s, and one of its members, Gary Barlow, has re-established himself as a wine expert and has released several organic wines that you can buy for less than £8 at Asda. One of the former 90s boyband member’s best-sellers include his Spanish Red Wine, which has hints of wild berries, rosemary, and chocolate. There’s also an Organic White Wine which has an anise note and lime and pear aromas. 

According to Barlow, Spain has always been a special place for him since it’s the first place where “Take That” performed outside of the UK. He also said that as he became increasingly aware of the state of the planet, he thought that he should live a more sustainable life. This is why he decided that all of his debut wines should reflect this eco-friendly mindset.

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The Delevingne Sisters

The Delevingne sisters, namely Poppy, Chloe, and Cara, have banded together for their first joint venture called Della Vite, which produces sustainable prosecco. Their DPC Rose Millesimato was named as the best celebrity wine for 2022 by The Independent, and this pink coral wine has delicate fruit flavours with a bright and clean taste. They also have the Superiore, which is an extra dry prosecco with hints of chamomile and crostini. Della Vite wines are a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned celebrity wines since each bottle costs around £23, but each purchase includes a donation to MyTrees, and each donation will be used to protect 5 trees. 

Celebrity wines can be a hit or miss, but these UK celebs prove that having a passion for wine and a genuine concern for the environment can result in an amazing product that people will enjoy. Check out these wines from Graham Norton, Gary Barlow, and the Delavingne sisters and see which ones become a mainstay in your wine collection.  

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