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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, new book, Something Sacred I Lost by Emmy Vine, explores the experiences and pscyhological impact of male sexual abuse.

Something Sacred I Lost

Male sexual abuse is a topic that is rarely discussed and has its own set of challenges. With Emmy Vine’s trademark humor, her new novel, Something Sacred I Lost, explores the drama and healing of a life lived after abuse.

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ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BYRTWBDSYouthful and attractive horse trainer, Damian Bradley drives everybody away including the girl of his dreams as he tries to safeguard his darkest secrets. Secrets of abuse that brought on years of feeling shame, pain, low self esteem, and mental health issues. When he accepts a job with wealthy Richard Watts, he is unaware that the mask he wears to protect himself is about to be torn down.

Damien has prefered the company of horses to people since he left his home at the age of seventeen, in an effort to forget the terrible trauma he experienced, and finds that horses accept him for who he is, and never trigger the painful memories that he has so painstakingly concealed behind a prickly exterior. When he meets Lila Watts, Richard’s daughter, she is quickly attracted to Damian, despite his valiant efforts to drive her away. With her authenticity and compassion, Lila begins to tap into the vulnerable parts of him that he is desperately trying to keep hidden.

Damian is forced to confront demons that have been hidden for a long time when Kat, Lila’s predatory aunt, shows up, triggering a collision between the past and the present. Is it possible for Damian to decide to let go of his limiting beliefs in order for him to begin the difficult process of healing? Or will he hide in the shadows and miss out on the chance to fall in love?

As Damien battles with pain, trauma, and the beliefs that have kept him his whole life, readers will learn more about the thoughts and feelings of a male victim of sexual abuse and what they go through after the abuse is over.

Emmy Vine

Emmy Vine, a bookworm since she was a young girl, kept the books she was reading under her desk so she could read them in class, and always felt connected to the characters she read about. Her parents would frequently threaten her with punishment by taking away a book.

While she still loves to read, today she has many other interests, including horseback riding, CrossFit, painting and dancing.  She wrote Something Sacred I Lost while she was in high school, but she didn’t decide to finish Damian’s story until she had five beautiful children, a law degree, and a photography business.

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