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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Emerald Wedding by J. R. Davis is a very modern romance about a young couple visiting Ireland for a wedding who use the trip to fully understand each other’s sexual desires.

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The Emerald Wedding

Author of The Emerald Wedding, J. R. Davis, didn’t come to writing until his seventies, but this entertaining, enthralling and erotic novel showcases that he understands how to create a story that keeps readers stirred and turning those pages.

Based on three true stories which have been adeptly been woven into one, The Emerald Wedding is most definitely an adult read, with several erotic sections. But far from just a sex romp, the story features a host of amusing, relatable, and sometimes embarrassing moments.

A first literary work that is both accomplished and charming, this romance is all about how fate often puts into play a different plan than the one foreseen.

J. R. Davis

Now in my seventies I decided to begin writing after realising that all of a fortune teller’s predictions, made at a village fete over fifty years earlier had all come to fruition. I had indeed parted from my first wife, I had indeed travelled the world with my work, I had married again and just as predicted I went on to have two daughters.

In fact everything the fortune teller had predicted has come true with the exception of her last prediction that was writing several bestselling books in my later years. Well I am certainly in my later years and to check the accuracy of her predictions have written seven books this being my first published book entitled The Emerald Wedding.

I would honestly describe myself as neither a reader of fiction, or romance books I have very little literacy expertise, having only read just one Charles Dickens book and one James Herriot book while extremely bored on holiday.

Having worked on many of the largest construction projects in the world and while working alongside some very colourful characters, I have no shortage of stories to base my writing on and if my reader get as much pleasure from reading my books as I had writing them, I shall die a very happy man.

-J. R. Davis

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