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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover the statistics behind the Rugby World Cup 2023 following Portugal’s qualification.

Rugby World Cup

Following Portugal’s qualification for the Rugby World Cup 2023, we examine the tournament’s statistics at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai. Samuel Marques secured Portugal’s ticket to France in the RWC 2023 Final Qualification Tournament, which went down to the last minute. RWC fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

Rugby World Cup on The Table Read
Rugby World Cup

After 82 minutes of an intense test match, Os Lobos and the USA could not be separated. However, Portugal won the standings on a points difference with a draw at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai. At the RWC 2023, Marques and his teammates will now compete in Pool C against Australia, Fiji, Georgia, and Wales.

Final Qualification

In addition, as Portugal’s celebrations continue, we investigate how they won the Final Qualification Tournament by looking at the numbers.

2: Portugal has now reached the second round of the Rugby World Cup. Their only previous appearance in a tournament was in 2007 at the RWC, which was also held in France.

3: Five players tied for first place in try-scoring during the tournament by crossing the whitewash three times. Nate Augsperger, Christian Dyer, Dylan Fawsitt from the United States, Raffaele Storti, and Mike Tadjer from Portugal scored three tries.

In an average match in Dubai, 8 tries were scored. The whitewash has crossed an average of 4.67 times after halftime, with less than half of those goals coming in the first half.

14 – yellow cards were displayed during the six matches at The Sevens Arena. Brian Juma and Geofrey Okwach, teammates on the Kenya team, each received two, the first in the same game, earning the tournament’s sole red card.

26: Kenya scored more tries than any other team in Dubai. Hong Kong’s line was breached 15 times in three games, while the USA gave up four goals and Portugal gave up three.

30: Portugal’s players used in three matches at The Sevens Stadium. All three games featured contributions from 14 of those.

37: Marques, who led Portugal to the France Rugby World Cup 2023, scored 37 points to win the Final Qualification Tournament. Marques converted 14 times and three penalties, all of which came in the decisive game against the USA.

48: the number of attempts made during the Final Qualification Tournament. The winners were Portugal (with 20 of those) and the United States (with 18).

82: In the 82nd minute of the sixth and final match at The Sevens Stadium, Marques’ right boot made the decisive swing. From the hour mark, the USA held the lead and was just a few seconds away from qualifying for RWC 2023.

Rugby World Cup on Siren Stories
Rugby World Cup

After three matches, Portugal has a point differential of 113, 17 more than the USA (96).In three games, Os Lobos scored 143 points and gave up 30. The men’s Eagles scored 133 points while giving up 37. Rugby World Cup fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

Please focus on the RWC 2023 Qualification of Portugal

Portugal is the latest nation to be spotlighted for their RWC story as we continue our countdown to Rugby World Cup 2023. Portugal’s return to the Rugby World Cup in France, where they have only made one appearance since 2007, seems fitting.

After a turbulent qualifying period, Os Lobos made a dramatic comeback by defeating Uruguay 24-23 on aggregate over two legs. This time, the deal was sealed by a draw with the USA in the final game of the Final Qualification Tournament in Dubai.

Portugal was placed in the same pool as New Zealand, Scotland, Italy, and Romania in 2007 and failed to win a single match. Portugal recovered from crushing defeats to Scotland (56-10) and New Zealand (108-13) and were much more competitive in their final two games, losing 31-5 to Italy and 14-10 to Romania.

However, Os Lobos will now have the opportunity to correct the record after qualifying as the 20th and final Rugby World Cup 2023 qualifier.

Portugal is well-positioned to compete for the top two spots in regional qualification with victories over Spain, the Netherlands, and Russia and a bonus-point loss to Romania in 2021.

Those hopes were raised even further when they held Georgia to a 25-25 draw to begin the second year of European qualifiers; however, they were only able to secure one more victory against the Netherlands, and they were eliminated in favor of champion Georgia and runners-up Romania.

Portugal, who finished third in the combined standings, still had a chance to make it to France. They won big games against Hong Kong (42-14) and Kenya (85-0) before drawing 16-16 with the USA.

Os Lobos, who won the Final Qualification Tournament in Dubai, will join Wales, Australia, Fiji, and Georgia in Pool C.

Here, we examine their brief Rugby World Cup career, beginning with their RWC debut: Scotland defeated Portugal 56-10 on September 9, 2007, at Saint-Étienne’s Stade Geoffroy Guichard

RWC appearances:

4 games played, 0 wins, 0 losses, 38 points, 209 points against, 0% win percentage.

Most RWC appearances: At the RWC in 2007, Cristian Spachuk, David Penalva, Duarte Cardoso Pinto, Goncalo Uva, Joao Correia, Joo Uva, Jose Pinto, Luis Pissarra, Paulo Murinello, and Rui Cordeiro were all present.

Rui Cordeiro, Pedro Carvalho, David Penalva, and Joaquim Ferreira scored a try. Best finish: Never advanced past the pool stage Qualification for RWC 2023: Winner of the Final Qualifying Match: Amid the Oaks, erect: vs. Romania, September 25, 2007, Portugal would have considered their final game against Romania to be the most winnable because they were getting better and more confident with each game.

As the game entered the final quarter in Toulouse, with Os Lobos still leading 7-0 thanks to Joaquim Ferreira’s converted try in the 18th minute, that belief would have strengthened.

However, close-range tries from Marius Tincu and Florin Corodeanu prevented Os Lobos from achieving their first Rugby World Cup victory as Romania ramped its forward power.

Momentous event

Rugby World Cup on Siren Stories
Rugby World Cup

Scenes in Saint-Étienne Because of the city’s large Portuguese population, the Iberians had plenty of support inside the Stade Geoffroy Guichard. And the celebrations that followed Pedro Carvalho’s score of Portugal’s first Rugby World Cup try, which came from a crash-ball move, were entirely different. That day, the ground, or “The Cauldron,” as it was known locally, lived up to its name.

Bottom line

No one gave Portugal a chance against New Zealand, and they were right. It is a significant loss and a lot of points. Lyon, Portugal, was blown out by 108 points and 16 tries. In the Rugby World Cup history, Os Lobos are one of only six teams to receive 100 points. However, they managed 13 in response, achieving their goal of finishing within 100 points of their more renowned rivals.

Famous player

Pedro Leal Leal has competed in four Rugby World Cups, three in sevens (2005, 2009, and 2013), and one in 15s.Before becoming a star in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, he made three starts at fullback in 2007. He ranks 13th all-time in World Series, scoring 1,278 points.

Did you realize it?

Together with their cousin Joao, the Uva brothers Vasco and Goncalo played in the pack at RWC 2007.

Tomaz Morais, Portugal’s head coach in 2007, had to stop playing because of a back injury. The former international became a successful coach, author, and university professor. In 2004, he was considered for the World Rugby Coach of the Year Award.

Patrice Lagisquet, France’s head coach, participated in the 1987 Rugby World Cup final against New Zealand and scored four tries for France. The winger also participated in the Rugby World Cup in 1991, making his final of 46 appearances for Les Bleus in the defeat to England in the quarterfinals.

Luis Pissarra, the current assistant coach, played scrum half for the national team from 1996 to 2007 and appeared in all four RWC games.


Paris is home to more than a million Portuguese people. “It would be amazing to play in France Rugby World Cup,” said Portugal captain Tomás Appleton of the prize his team will receive. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

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