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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, with no subject off limits, poetry anthology Subject Taboo by septuagenarian Linda Clayton focuses on those issues that are often not discussed.

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Subject Taboo

Septuagenarian Linda Clayton has experienced enough of the good, the bad and the ugly elements of life to be eminently qualified to write her reflective and literary rewarding poetry anthology, Subject Taboo. Written to shine a spotlight on those issues that often eat people up inside, Linda Clayton’s verse leaves between both thoughts and lines to allow readers time for personal reflection and introspection.

Navigating a host of ups and downs throughout her full life, including the abandonment of her and her brother by their mother when young, Linda Clayton shares all that’s in her heart and in her thoughts, enriching the emotional wellbeing of all that pick up a copy.

I hope my poetry will have you reaching for the tissues, crying with joy, bellowing with laughter, and sobbing with grief and empathy. Each poem that I have written relates to a hidden meaning that’s inside of us. It may not be the same for every person, but that meaning says that all you have to do is find it.

It’s called Taboo because it deals with all the things we’re frightened to talk about like suicide, bullying in schools, menopause, love, death Life after death, and then the beautiful things we have in life that we take for granted.

-Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton

I was born in Lincolnshire in 1949 my mother left my brother and I; just walked out one day and never came back, hence the poem on page 72. That day has remained with me ever since.

I became a nurse and looked after people for most of my life, and in between, I was always writing poetry. At one stage, I was a performing artist and would read my poetry in the pubs and clubs of Cambridge. Then I wrote the sentimental words that you see in greeting cards (I mainly wrote for Blue Mountain Arts). I was also on the radio and television, and I had CDs and tape recordings. There was also a national poetry competition, for which I wrote a poem called ‘Mother’. I received a large sum of money for that, but I never thought of having a book published until now.

I have great difficulty walking these days, but in the past and many years ago I performed in The Royal Albert Hall, the Bury St Edmunds Theatre and lots of other pubs and clubs.

My life, like that of most people, has been up and down. I spent most of my youth living in the country, working on a farm in Framsden, Suffolk, that was owned by the Parsons, and I became part of their family. I reunited with my father and stepmother, and I have a wonderful stepbrother and stepsister, Barry and Wendy Clayton. I live with my wonderful husband, who is also my carer, and I’m surrounded by my family of four children and ten grandchildren.

-Linda Clayton

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