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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in new poetry book Subject Taboo, Linda Clayton explores intense subjects that mostly don’t get discussed, including suicide, bullying, menopause, familial breakdowns and life after death.

Subject Taboo

Subject Taboo by Linda Clayton on The Table Read Magazine
Subject Taboo by Linda Clayton

At 75 years old, Linda Clayton’s debut release, Subject Taboo, offers an enormously expressive and intelligent assortment of poetry. Written from the heart and with the wisdom of personal experience (including her mother walking out on both Linda and her brother as children and never returning), Linda’s poetry always leaves space for others to draw their own interpretation from her words. Her poems cover a variety of topics that we frequently find too personal or frightening to discuss with others.

Subject Taboo is an unexpected delight, and readers are certain to experience the full range of emotions as they work through this anthology.

Linda hopes that her work will make readers go after the tissues, crying with joy, howling with laughter, and sobbing with grief and compassion. Each of her poems has a hidden meaning that we all carry within ourselves.

It’s called “Taboo” because it talks about all the things we’re afraid to talk about, like suicide, school bullying, menopause, love, life after death, and the beautiful things we take for granted.

Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton on The Table Read Magazine
Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton was in Lincolnshire in 1949. One day, Linda’s mother walked out, leaving Linda and her brother behind, and never came back; an experience that inspired the poem on page 72, and has stayed with her to this day.

Linda became a nurse and spent the majority of her life caring for people, writing poetry in between. At one point, she was a performing artist, and would read her poetry in the bars and clubs of Cambridge. Then she began writing the sentimental words that you find in greetings cards (primarily for Blue Mountain Arts). She also released CDs and tape recordings, and was on the radio and television. She submitted a poem titled “Mother” to a national poetry competition, winning a large amount of prize money, but she never thought about publishing a book until now.

Like many people, Linda’s life has been unpredictable. She spent most of her childhood living in the country, working on a farm in Framsden, Suffolk, that was owned by the Parsons, and she became part of their family. She reunited with her father and stepmother, and has a wonderful stepbrother and stepsister, Barry and Wendy Clayton.

Now, Linda lives with her wonderful husband, who is also her carar, and has four children and ten grandchildren around her.

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