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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, a recent study found the best drinking board games for people to enjoy this Christmas, with “Straame Roulette” crowned the best!

Drinking Board Games

As Christmas approaches, many of us scramble to find last-minute gifts for friends, or even a delayed Secret Santa. When getting presents for adults it can often be challenging to find a good gift. 

An adult-themed drinking board game can be a great choice for those who enjoy getting merry around Christmas and New Year – but which are actually worth the price, and which fall flat? 

A study by no deposit bonus codes experts examined some of the most popular drinking board games on Amazon, awarding each a score out of ten based on their customer reviews, retail price, and ratings, to reveal the must-have activities for the festive season.

Straame Roulette 

Straame Roulette” has been named the best drinking game available on Amazon – with a perfect score of 10.

This game is a simple version of roulette with the added twist of shots. It includes 16 numbered shot glasses and usually revolves around participants spinning the wheel, landing on a number, and then drinking from the corresponding glass. Some versions might have designated tasks depending on the number landed on, adding an extra layer of fun and unpredictability.

At just £9.45 on Amazon, it’s among the most affordable and could make a great Secret Santa gift for a colleague. 

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Destination Drunk

Destination Drunk isn’t just a drinking game; it’s a whirlwind tour of boozy traditions from around the globe! This party game in a box takes you on a journey through various cultures, challenging you to master their unique drinking games and ultimately conquer the world, one sip at a time.

Gameplay is simple but exhilarating. Players draw cards, each revealing a new city and its corresponding drinking game. Whether it’s mastering the art of sake bombs in Japan, surviving the Medusa stare in Russia, or navigating the slippery slopes of Dudo in Peru, each round promises a fresh and exciting challenge.

The second-best game is “Destination Drunk”, priced at just £14.99 on Amazon.

Trunk Of Drunk

Forget rummaging through dusty cupboards for board games or scouring the web for the latest party tricks. Trunk of Drunk, as the name suggests, is your all-in-one solution for epic game nights, bringing 12 different drinking games, including classics like Ring of Fire and beer pong. Imagine this: a portable treasure chest overflowing with laughter, friendly competition, and (of course) a healthy dose of booze.

Whether you’re a competitive pong king or a truth-seeking Never Have I Ever champion, Trunk of Drunk has something for everyone.

“Trunk of Drunk” was the third-best drinking game on Amazon.

Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober isn’t your average drinking game. Forget chugging contests and stale questions – this game throws you into a whirlwind of dares, surprises, and unexpected hijinks, promising a night of hilarious chaos and maybe a few blushes.

Sotally Tober isn’t just about drawing cards and following instructions. It’s about embracing the unexpected, letting loose, and creating unforgettable memories. The game encourages improvisation, encourages silly costumes, and rewards a bold, playful spirit.

This is the fourth best drinking board game on Amazon.

Tipsy Chicken

Tipsy Chicken is a high-stakes gamble where courage clashes with consequence, laughter mingles with nervous giggles, and the fate of your sobriety rests on a single flip of a card. So, grab your favorite beverage, gather your feathered friends (metaphorically, of course), and prepare to strut your stuff in the face of potential humiliation and liquid rewards.

At the heart of Tipsy Chicken lies a simple premise: draw a card, complete the dare, or face the penalty. But within this basic structure lies a smorgasbord of possibilities. Dares range from the mildly embarrassing (belt out your best karaoke rendition) to the downright outrageous (wear your underwear on your head for the rest of the night).

Whether you’re a seasoned party animal or a cautious soul looking for a little nudge, Tipsy Chicken can cater to you. The difficulty levels on the cards ensure everyone can participate, and the variety of challenges guarantees laughter regardless of your personal brand of humor. It is rated 5th on Amazon.

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Most Entertaining Game

The data revealed that the most entertaining game was “Lost Boy Entertainment King’s Cup Extreme” based on the number of reviews from customers advising how much fun the game was. The game comes with waterproof cards in case of spillage, which, with alcohol involved, is a bonus.

King’s Cup Extreme takes the classic drinking game and injects it with a shot of adrenaline, a dash of absurdity, and a whole lot of laughter, making it a recipe for a wild and unforgettable party night. While the game revolves around alcohol, it’s not just about chugging. The emphasis is on laughter, bonding, and creating hilarious memories. The unpredictable nature of the cards keeps everyone on their toes, and the mix of silly dares and unexpected twists guarantees a night of side-splitting entertainment.

Although the game was rated most entertaining – it was also the most expensive game on the Amazon list, priced at £24.99. 

Top Drinking Board Games

Rank  Name Customer Ratings Affordability Value for Money Entertainment Value Final Score 
Straame Roulette  7.8 10 5.84 10 
Destination Drunk 3.9 8.11 6.32 
Trunk of Drunk 9.2 5.65 5.92 5.62 
Sotally Tober 9.2 5.5 0.27 9.64 5.53 
Tipsy Chicken 8.8 6.5 0.03 9.06 5.41 
Hen Night Party Games  8.8 10 0.78 2.91 4.35 
These Cards Will Get You Drunk  5.5 0.31 7.65 4.33 
Shot in the Dark 8.8 7.5 0.27 4.63 3.63 
Get Crunk 1.29 2.76 3.54 
10 Get Crunk Volume 2  2.9 0.51 3.18 
11 You Laugh You Drink  8.8 5.08 2.9 
12 Lost Boy Entertainment King’s Cup Extreme 9.6 0.1 10 2.79 
13 5 Second Rule Uncensored 0.57 4.7 2.54 
14 Spin Master Games Tell Me Without Telling Me  9.2 1.5 0.21 8.31 2.52 
15 Beer Pong Set in Double Blister Card, Red, 36 Count (Pack of 1)  9.2 6.5 1.89 1.49 2.44 
16 Ring of Fire Cards 9.2 7.5 1.55 1.98 
17 In The Dog House  8.8 0.83 3.28 1.79 
18 Solid Snakes and Bladdered Drinking Game  2.2 1.62 1.74 
19 PICK YOUR POISON 2.6 0.08 5.74 1.49 
20 Do or Drink  9.2 0.68 6.83 1.12 
21 BRUTAL The Drinking Game  9.2 2.5 1.69 1.77 0.25 
22 DRUNK STONED OR STUPID 8.8 0.23 2.09 0.23 
23 Tipple Tower 0.09 0.62 

Buying gifts for adults can be challenging and overwhelming due to the number of options available. Choosing a suitable gift for a loved one can be difficult, especially as no one wants to be the lackluster gifter at Christmas. 

However, if you know they enjoy a few drinks, these board games will brighten up any night. Our picks aren’t just for Christmas either – they’re also great to enjoy at New Year’s, especially if you’re hosting a house party with your friends. Additionally, they could be perfect for university students who are looking for ice breakers.  

However, it’s crucial to remember that when playing these games, it is essential to drink responsibly, hydrate with plenty of water, and avoid putting oneself or others at risk.

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All data was collected from Amazon; the data gathered were customer ratings, the price of the products, and the comments made about the products.  

Overall ratings for all board games.  

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