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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Urban Green Company was founded in 2019 by Yas Batchelor with a mission to create high-quality, natural products that are also environmentally friendly.

Urban Green Company

The sustainable homeware brand Urban Green Company is based in London and specializes in plastic-free, ethically crafted household goods. Established by Yas Batchelor in 2019, the organization is determined to reverse the worldwide plastic problem with wonderfully hand crafted, zero-waste, and sustainable alternatives.

From their workshop in Northwest London, Yas and her talented team handcraft a number of reusable products using only natural raw materials, and the rest is ethically sourced. Their core products include beeswax wraps, bowl wraps, cherry stone heat packs and eco-accommodating face pads. All their items are available to purchase online.

Yas Batchelor

Yas Batchelor, whose commitment to a lighter plastic footprint began as a child, founded Urban Green Company in 2019. She was taught to never waste anything as a child, and everything was upcycled, reused or turned into something else.

Yas has traveled and lived all over the world, working with a portion of the world’s most ethical businesses. Having encountered the different ways that various nations tackle waste, Yas was inspired to start the Urban Green Company with the intentions of helping the planet and spreading education about the best way to protect it.

Urban Green began as a pastime to make food last longer, and now, Yas and her skilled team of machinists handmake reusable products from their studio in North West London, using 100% raw, natural materials.

Some Of The Urban Green Company Products

Cherry Stone Hot & Cold Packs (£8-£20)

These are perfect for aches, pains, and relief for period paid or rheumatoid arthiritis. You can either simply heat them in the microwave or place them in the freezer for a few hours. Use essential oils, for example, lavender prior to warming, simply add 5 drops to the fabric. Made by hand with cherry stones, a natural byproduct, and two layers of organic cotton. Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Cherry Stone Heat Pack
Cherry Stone Heat Pack

Reusable face pads (£8)

These are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads, perfect for removing makeup or applying toner. Regular facial pads are made with synthetic fibres that can take several years to decompose, and chemicals from their production can pollute rivers, damage local wildlife and severely impact the world’s ecosystems. Reusable face pads from Urban Green Company are made with luxury organic bamboo velour (GOT certified) and 100% cotton fabric. To wash, simply throw them in the laundry and leave them out to dry. They last for one year and can be composted. All pads are made to order and cut by hand by Urban Green. 

Reuseable Face Pads Urban Green Company The Table Read Magazine
Reusable Face Pads

Reusable bowl covers (£20)

These bowl covers are perfect for saving food for later or protecting leftovers, and are an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastics like cling film. Made from 100% Organic cotton, these bowl covers are finished with an elasticated hem for easy fitting, and are made to fit bowls with diameters up to 34cm, 22cm and 14cm and can be used in the fridge. They are reusable & washable at 40 degrees. Organic Cotton GOT Certified.

Reuseable Bowl Covers on The Table Read Magazine
Reuseable Bowl Covers

Plastic Free Scrunchie (£4-£16)

These scrunchies are made from 100% organic cotton, so you can feel good about wearing them knowing that they are not contributing to plastic pollution. The organic cotton is soft and gentle on your hair, so you can wear them all day long without any discomfort.


Plastic Free Scrunchies on The Table Read Magazine
Plastic Free Scrunchies

The Urban Green Company is a growing company with a bright future. It is a great example of how businesses can be both profitable and sustainable. If you are looking for high-quality, natural cosmetics that are also environmentally friendly, then I recommend checking out the Urban Green Company.

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