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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the 14th of February will soon be upon us, and what better way to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day than with a brand-new batch of Blondies Kitchen cookies?

Valentines Day Cookies

Use a Blondies Kitchen creation to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Galentines Day, or Happy Singles Day. In addition to being available in a wide range of delicious flavors, their gigantic cookies can be customized.

Blondies Kitchen Cookies on The Table Read Magazine
Blondies Kitchen Cookies

Blondies Kitchen

Kristelle and Chelsie, two blonde foodies and professionally trained chefs, established Blondies Kitchen in 2016. Kristelle has always worked in restaurants, and Chelsie was a cookery writer for more than two years at BBC Good Food.

The trip to New York was the turning point in everything. American-style cookies became the girls’ obsession. They had never seen anything like them in the UK, with their chewy center and crisp edge. The girls realized that the rest of the UK needed to try these kinds of cookies, so Blondies Kitchen was born immediately!

With their distinctive cookie flavors and irresistible taste, Blondies have disrupted the food industry ever since they were introduced. The girls are cookie cutter trend setters, as evidenced by their over 130,000 followers on all social media platforms. They make a dream team when they are together!

Ultimate Baker the Natural Choice in Sprinkles

Find more from Blondies Kitchen now:

The full Blondies Kitchen collection is available at They can also be found at Selfridges and their Covent Garden store. 

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