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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, new book, Vengeance Can Be Deadly, by Gary E. Smith is book 5 in the Warren Steelgrave Series.

Vengeance Can Be Deadly

Vengeance Can Be Deadly by Gary E. Smith on The Table Read
Vengeance Can Be Deadly

When retired writer Warren Steelgrave finds two officers from the Carabinieri waiting for him outside his home in the tiny village of Muriaglio, Italy, he knows it’s something serious. When he learns that a dear friend and former lover has been murdered — and he was the last one to see her alive — he knows just how serious it is.

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In Vengeance Can Be Deadly, book five of the Warren Steelgrave series from author Gary E. Smith, Warren has settled into a comfortable life in Muriaglio when he suddenly finds himself a prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Warren Steelgrave

Warren cared deeply for the victim, and he swears to avenge her death and clear his name. He slowly untangles a web of deceit, which is at first benign but then grows malignant with greed and evil. Professional criminals get involved, along with international spies and mafia accomplices. Warren’s sworn vengeance and “willingness” to find justice have put him and his loved ones in grave danger.

In Vengeance Can Be Deadly, readers will travel with Warren down the dark alleyways of intrigue through Italy and the United States. Warren is warned: Vengeance can be deadly. Will there be justice and light at the end of this literary journey, or will the last chapter be Warren’s obituary?

Gary E. Smith on The Table Read
Gary E. Smith

About Gary E. Smith

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Gary E. Smith was born in 1948 in Hayward, California, and balances life between travel and a love of the arts. After high school, Smith joined the Naval Air Reserve and entered the electrical construction trade.

He started his own electrical construction company in 1978. This became a large company and worked industrial jobs throughout the country until Smith’s retirement in 2011 when he began writing. 

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Vengeance Can Be Deadly

Publisher: Gatekeepers Press

ISBN-10: ‎ 1662904401

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1662904400

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