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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Hunting Orange – A Mixing Colour Adventure by Moza Himid features everything that those with special needs need in a lovable story about mummy and daddy rabbit and their big anniversary dinner.

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Hunting Orange – A Mixing Colour Adventure

Hunting Orange – A Mixing Colour Adventure by Moza Himid is an enchanting new children’s book that works on a host of levels.

Hunting Orange – A Mixing Colour Adventure by Moza Himid on The Table Read Magazine
Hunting Orange – A Mixing Colour Adventure by Moza Himid

First and foremost, Hunting Orange is an exciting and compelling story about a rabbit family, and a missing orange tie which goes on to share the excitement and alchemy that happens, as if by magic, when colours are mixed together.

However, most importantly, Hunting Orange features all the necessary visual supports required to ensure her story can be enjoyed by all youngsters – those with special needs, those without and those struggling readers who are often hard to keep engaged.

When Daddy Rabbit’s orange tie vanishes hours before his special anniversary dinner with Mama Rabbit, brothers Charlie and Max are determined to save the day. Together, they set off on an extraordinary adventure to the enchanting Land of Colours. Will they succeed in finding a new tie for Daddy Rabbit in time for the special dinner?

Children aged 3-7 who are eager to explore the world of colours will be swept away by Hunting Orange: A Mixing Colour Adventure. Not only will they learn the art of mixing colours, but they’ll also discover the power of teamwork and the importance of never giving up, even in the face of seemingly impossible challenges.

To aid struggling readers, this book features Smarty Symbols visual support images, making it easier to understand and enjoy this delightful story.

Moza A. Himid is a mother who challenged herself to write a book that both her children are able enjoy (one of her children has autism), Hunting Orange leaves a multitude of children and families hoping that she is currently busy dreaming up further fun and accessible stories to share.

Moza A. Himid

My son was diagnosed with autism back in March 2022. He uses symbols/visual support as part of communication. I realised when I read story books to him, he would tap on the words or the pictures for me to say, but it was difficult and is still to make him follow stories or even finish the story.

As a mother, my dream was to have a book where I could read to both my children at the same time and for them to enjoy and understand the story.

-Moza A. Himid

Moza A. Himid is a daydreamer based in the vibrant city of London, UK. When she’s not lost in her own fantasy world, you can find her counting beans (working as a finance executive), watching comedy shows for a good laugh and playing with her two mischievous children who constantly keep her on her toes.

Being a mother of an autistic child, she wanted to create a story with symbols that can be enjoyed and understood by both symbol and non-symbol readers. She is the debut author of the children’s book, Hunting Orange.

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