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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Being Of Winged: The Blue Heart by Diamant Raobelina, attacks by VARDOG interrupt a peace treaty between the Eyel galaxy as exiled Princess Aidine is determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

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The Being Of Winged: The Blue Heart

Diamant Raobelina’s passion for fantasy and sci-fi shines in his latest YA novel, The Being of Winged: The Blue Heart, hooking readers with a tale of good triumphing over evil.

The Being Of Winged By Diamant Raobelina on The Table Read Magazine
The Being Of Winged By Diamant Raobelina

He was a prince fallen because of his lack of talent, and she was a princess in exile whom the traitors of her kingdom wished to kill in order to seize power. They had too little in common to be together. But fate would decide for them.

In the far reaches of star space, a prosperous and envied galaxy is shaken by great news, the news that has been awaited for decades, Yzvalthes and Aedor, two great Nations of Eyel Galaxy finally decided to sign a peace treaty that would bring balance back to their system. Unfortunately, wherever there is bright good, there is also dark evil. And this time, evil, materialized in the form of a shadowy organization, sent a massive attack on the day the treaty was signed, and once again destroyed the new alliance between the two Nations. The King of Aedor died, but his descendants survived, his only daughter and heir to the throne, thanks to the devotion of few incorruptible allies.

And then, in all this, this being came, to protect and help the princess, or so he claimed. And everything had to change again, for better and for worse.

Written for readers aged 14-18, Diamant Raobelina knows how keep the pace flowing, create stand out protagonists, and possesses the vital world-building skills to make fantasy fiction feel plausible. Immersing his audience in their journeys of self-discovery, readers are enthralled as the exiled Princess Aidine steps up to save her kingdom and her people; and how when he’s needed most, the inept and untalented prince finally becomes the man he needs to be.

Quenching the thirst for those who looking for fantastical adventure as much as those seeking a romantic subplot, The Being of Winged is a first-class read; and one which inspire readers to seek out further titles by this exciting author.

Diamant Raobelina

I grew up reading Harlequin books and manga. And every free moment was devoted to writing various stories, especially in the science fiction and fantasy genre. As my high school literature teachers liked all my stories, they advised me to continue writing, so I have studied languages for a long time. Now, I teach French and English in elementary school to have more time to read and write. I have a lot of books available on app as webnovel and moboreader.

My favourite authors are Anne Mather, Penny Jordan, Margaret Way…

-Diamant Raobelina

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