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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Wainwright Memories by Chris Butterfield is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the late great Alfred Wainwright and his well-known love of the Lake District.

Wainwright Aficionado

Butterfield shines a light on three lesser-known stories about Wainwright in his gorgeously compiled book “Wainwright Memories.” He also includes precious memories from his former publisher Andrew Nichol and illustrative maps by Chris Jesty.

“Wainwright Memories,” a remarkable gift or collector’s item with signed copies available on Chris Butterfield’s website, is going to introduce the fells and Wainwright to the next generation of wanderers.

Chris Butterfield, who was born in Yorkshire and is known as the “Wainwright Aficionado” all over the world, has one of the largest private collections of Wainwright memorabilia and is considered to be a passionate advocate for Alfred Wainwright’s legacy.

Wainwright Memories by Chris Butterfield on The Table Read Magazine
Wainwright Memories by Chris Butterfield

Wainwright Memories

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Wainwright Memories tells the stories of three lesser-known tales about Alfred Wainwright that took place in the years 1988-1990. The tales are based on the memories of Wainwright’s former publisher, Andrew Nichol, and Chris Jesty, who revised the Pictorial Guide, provided the illustrations for the maps.

Chris Butterfield takes Andrew Nichol on an excursion to return to a few areas highlighted in every story. They recreate numerous photographs taken over 30 years ago as Andrew recalls Wainwright.

The Scotland Trip: Alfred Wainwright went to Scotland a lot and loved it. Wainwright decided to invite his publishing manager, Andrew Nichol, and their wives to his next vacation because they had developed a close friendship.

The Unfinished Book: Wainwright began work on another book to supplement his top of the line manual An Across the nation Walk. It was meant for people who prefer to stroll and look around rather than climb hills, but would it ever come to pass?

The Langdale Shoot: As part of his legacy, Andrew wanted to preserve some new Wainwright photographs. One of Wainwright’s final photo shoots would be taken in the Lake District by their good friend Ken Shepherd.

Chris Butterfield on The Table Read Magazine
Chris Butterfield

The book has 220 pages printed on high-quality photographic paper and is presented in a dust jacket that has been laminated. It is beautifully bound in real cloth with gold foil blocking and has a size that is comparable to a Wainwright sketchbook.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Chris Butterfield

Chris Butterfield, a Yorkshire-born engineer, was inspired to create an archive to preserve Alfred Wainwright’s legacy and honor the world-famous fellwalker who had a lifelong passion for the outdoors.

Chris has created a popular Facebook group called Alfred Wainwright Books & Memorabilia and a website called with the help of his wife, Priscilla. He has also amassed a large private collection of Wainwright materials. Chris has also appeared on television and radio to talk about the life, work, and accomplishments of the late great fellwanderer.

Chris Butterfield, also known as the “Wainwright Aficionado,” is not only the most dedicated archivist of Alfred Wainwright but also a great modern ambassador of AW’s legacy. He has the enthusiasm and passion to help keep the interest in Wainwright alive for the next generation.

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Wainwright Memories is available now: and priced at £24.99.

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