Will The Real Jack Byrne Please Stand Up

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Written by Jack Byrne


An Email For Jack Byrne

Who doesn’t love a bit chicken? So when I got an email asking if I liked Nando’s, I was curious as to why they were asking… but I replied of course I liked it.

Then I got an email from the CEO of Nando’s Ireland;

Hey Jack,

How’s it going?

Hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, I’m currently working with the Nando’s talent and culture team in Ireland, supporting our influencer programme for the forthcoming year.

As such, we wanted to see if you are a fan of Nando’s? If so, we’d love to chat with you and hear what you are up to and chat to you about our Nando’s Advocacy programme, High 5.

Feeling Lucky

Why would the CEO Nando’s Ireland be writing to me? But then again who doesn’t love chicken?

I looked again, and they said they were promoting culture in Ireland. So I thought Oh well I’m sure when they find out I don’t live in Ireland they will lose interest, but writing is definitely a part of culture so…

I did a bit of research and the high five programme is a black card that allows you and 3 guests a free Nando’s meal, every day for one whole year. Someone had worked out the value, if you used it everyday for a year it would be worth over 30,000, a lot of chicken dinners.

I must admit to being pleased with myself that they were approaching me, but was also starting to think about; factory farming, should I investigate how much they are paying service staff? what would I actually do with a card because I live no where near a Nando’s? who could I give it to? (I thought a bike delivery union in London) and would they withdraw the card if I did?

So I replied.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the email. I love Nando’s and am intrigued, and curious as to how I came to your attention?

Best wishes

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

They got back again and this is where they gave the game away…


Thanks for getting back to us.

Amazing! We are huge fans of what you do. We have been watching you for a while and we would love to get behind you and support you as much as we can. 

Personally, I’m a football fan and I love how you performed over the last two seasons, so naturally it made sense picking our advocates for this year. 

Jack Byrne or Jack Byrne?

I laughed, a quick google search and it all made sense. Jack Byrne is a rising international star of Irish football. So of course he would be in desperate need of free Nando’s.

So I replied;


Well you’ve brightened up my morning.  It is a case of mistaken identity, I’m afraid. I am a writer and much as I would love to be, I am not the footballer you seem to want.

A Nando’s voucher would still be much appreciated.?

I’m sure your footballing Jack will respond positively when you find him.

There was then a period of radio silence. So I emailed saying I hoped the silence wasn’t an indication that their cultural support programme favoured footballers over hungry writers.

He was very polite and apologised for the mistake adding;

I have forwarded your email to the rest of my team. I will get back to you when they reply back.

We usually aim for figures who are appealing to our target audience of Gen z. So you might nor be the best fit for our programme but nevertheless i’ll ask anyways and see what happens. 

The Real Jack Byrne

I haven’t seen Jack Byrne play or heard from Nando’s again, and it’s a shame Ireland aren’t in the Euros. I’m sure Jack is really good. I look forward to seeing him the future, I just hope he doesn’t eat too many of those chicken dinners!

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