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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, 25 True Ghost Stories by P. A. Kerry shares living first-hand tales of the supernatural, illustrations and photographs that send more than a shiver down the spine.

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25 True Ghost Stories

In 25 True Ghost Stories, P.A. Kerry recounts stories imparted by 21 living witnesses. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, P.A. Kerry made the prudent decision to designate a scare rating to each story in the collection –  a touch that will be appreciated by many.

Featuring only true and modern supernatural accounts, with most taking place within the UK, this collection is guaranteed to pique the curiosity and provide psychologically thrilling escapism for all those with a passion for all that cannot be explained.

Historically, P.A. Kerry has written on relatively mundane subjects such as articles on the subjects of architecture, agriculture and antiquities. While he did initially not set out to write a book on ghosts, the subject found him, as over the last 40 years he has been told so many fascinating stories by first-hand witnesses about incomprehensible tales, many of whom are no longer with us, that he felt it was time to write them down before they become lost in the midst of time.

As some of the stories contained in this book are frightening, and some border on disturbing, each of the accounts are given a number between 1 and 10, with 10 being the most spine-chilling. This should not be confused with the fear experienced by the witnesses themselves which in some circumstances were beyond any scale.

The vast majority of the witnesses have been interviewed by Kerry himself, where he often experienced the true look of fear in their eyes as they recalled their ghostly encounters. This is despite the passage of time which was in some circumstances 40 years or more. Some simply won’t tell their story, but the Kerry often remedied this by sharing with them other stories he has been told. This gives a reassurance that there are many others out there who have had similar experiences and helps stop the isolation they often feel.

This book is illustrated by paintings, colour images and photographs of the real locations described.

Proving himself to be a magnet for people wishing to tell him about their ghostly experiences, and a masterly wordsmith when it comes to recounting these tales, readers will be delighted that a sequel, Power of the Circle, is due to be published imminently.

P.A. Kerry

P. A. Kerry is an English author. He started by writing song lyrics during the 1970s and has written extensively on the subject of natural stone used in architecture, he has written on the subject of Horticulture and Agriculture including for the John Nix book of Agriculture over a seven-year period.

He has written articles for a charity called Prep-Rs for over ten years and also produced over 30 YouTube videos for which viewing numbers have accumulated to almost 2 million since its launch. Other books include ‘The Man from The Last Field’- a factual memoir and ‘Cry of The Rooks’, which is based on true experiences of intrigue and terror.

‘25 True Ghost Stories’ was published in April 2024, with its sequel, ‘Power of The Circle’, to be released shortly. The author plans to produce audio books and YouTube videos to accompany this series.

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