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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Independent Publisher Book Awards Director Amy Shamroe shares how the awards celebrate independent authors and helps them reach a wider audience.

Independent Publisher Book Awards

Established in 1996, The Independent Publisher Book Awards (known as the IPPYs) have been awarding the best in independent, small press and academic publishing for almost 30 years. Millions of new book titles are published annually, so winning an award such as an IPPY can give authors much-deserved and hard sought after recognition.

In the over 15 years I have been working for the IPPY Awards, the one thing that strikes me is the impact being a medalist winner can have on the authors. Every year we hear stories from the winners about publishing deals with large companies, increases in sales, more opportunities to sell in bookstore chains, more interviews/press attention, and even just the benefits of networking with other winners and picking up tips from them.

-Amy Shamroe

The IPPY Awards are among the oldest awards for independent presses, open to independent publishers, university presses, self-publishers and independent authors throughout North America, and overseas publishers and authors who publish books intended for an English-speaking audience. 

With 90 general categories and 10 eBook categories, plus regional awards, the IPPYs offer opportunities for every type and genre of book and recognize hundreds of outstanding authors every year. 

It’s made a huge difference in my sales, and was the key factor in convincing me to go to a second printing. The IPPY gold seal looks great on the new cover, and I think it’s opening some doors to publication reviews.

-Ed Spivey, author of A Hamster is Missing in Washington D.C., and IPPY Gold Medalist

The Jenkins Group/the IPPYs have now added the eLit Awards to their family of awards and made some changes to recognize all the ways people talk about and interact with books today. The eLits will now celebrate book-related digital content and creators in categories like Audiobooks, Social Media, Author websites, Podcasts and more.

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