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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, following its 2022 production of Cinderella, which ran from Wednesday, November 23 to Friday, December 30, the Arts Centre, Hounslow was nominated for three Pantomime Awards.

Pantomime Awards

The Pantomime Awards on The Table Read Magazine
The Pantomime Awards

Hounslow’s adaptation of the classic fairy tale, written by Jonathan Ashby-Rock, is a finalist for Best Ensemble, Best Sisters, and Best Small Panto. The 197-seat production has been compared to much larger productions like Mother Goose and Jack and the Beanstalk at the Duke of York’s Theatre and the London Palladium.

On Tuesday, April 11, the winners were announced at a ceremony hosted by Christopher Biggins at the Trafalgar Theatre in London’s West End.

The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Su Pollard in recognition of her many decades of dedication and enthusiasm for performing in national pantomimes.

Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown on The Table Read Magazine
Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown

The Special Recognition Awards celebrate productions and individuals promoting the values that the Association seeks to celebrate. Ian McKellen received an award for his passionate advocacy and services to the artform of pantomime. Cast, Doncaster, received an award for their commitment to integrated BSL signing in pantomime. Theatre Royal, Stratford East, received and award for their innovative and inclusive practice in the field of pantomime.

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Cinderella, ran from Wednesday 23rd November until Friday 30th December 2022. Written by Jonathan Ashby-Rock and directed by him and Laura Hannawin, this is the eighth year The Arts Centre has produced a pantomime for West London audiences.

All Prince Charming wanted was a normal life, but before packing everything up and moving to Canada, he decided to search Hounslow for the ideal partner, hosting a Royal Jamboree.

Cinderella and her two new stepsiblings, Baron Hardup, and the lovable Buttons, who will one day tell Cinderella how he really feels, all tried to get into the party of the year.

Jonathan Ashby-Rock, the artistic director of The Arts Centre and the Cinderella writer and co-director, stated that it is a great honor to be nominated in three different categories at The Pantomime Awards 2023. Each pantomime we stage, now in its eighth year, has grown in size, and the theater was full last year!

Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown on The Table Read Magazine
Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown

Ashby-Rock explained that it is an honor to have been included alongside such prestigious theaters and productions that are significantly larger than theirs—we really felt like they were walking with giants! In a world that appears to be bleak, they wanted to bring some warmth and cheer to the holiday season.

UK Pantomime Association

Simon Sladen, Chair of the UK Pantomime Association, offered congratulations to every one of the nominees and winners. The Pantomime Awards honor a wide range of exceptional talent and demonstrate a thriving industry. One of the most thrilling forms of theater is pantomime because of the dedication, inventiveness, and passion that are displayed throughout each season. The UK Pantomime Association is pleased to recognize the exceptional pantomime stage talent, expertise, and excellence.

Nigel Clarke, Max Fulham, Derek Griffiths, Amanda Lovett, Theo Mayne, Debbie McGee, Gracie McGonigal, Scott Mitchell, and Vikki Stone were the presenters of the Pantomime Awards. Myra DuBois, Gigi Zahir, and Anna-Jane Casey all gave performances, as did a Butlin’s-curated performance.

Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown on The Table Read Magazine
Cinderella, photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown

The Arts Centre of Hounslow

The Arts Centre of Hounslow is a multifaceted cultural venue in the city’s center. It started out as just a theater, but over the past four years, it has grown to better meet the needs of a variety of local groups and cultural activities. These incorporate dramatic exhibitions, unknown dialect film screenings, dance and wellness classes, as well as a throughout the entire year local area display for neighborhood specialists, everything being equal, to show work openly. It has operated as a festival theater since 2018, producing a variety of festivals.

The first festival, The Festival of Mental Health and Wellbeing, drew significantly more people than any previous event, with a higher proportion of attendees hailing from nearby communities. The professional program’s centerpiece is the Arts Centre’s annual pantomime. Every episode of this in-house production is novel, creative, and unlike anything else available locally.

Find more now:

The Pantomime Awards website

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