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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, discover some of the most famous creative introverts, and why creativity isn’t just for extroverts.

What springs to mind when you think of art? Words that may come to mind are expression, emotion, demonstration or perhaps exhibitionism – all terms associated with being extroverted. However, as Psychology Today highlights, introverts are not only capable of being creative, but are, potentially, creative superheroes.

While the medium of art attracts people who want to show their talents off, it also provides an absolutely crucial outlet for introverts who don’t necessarily feel as comfortable having those conversations with other people or don’t feel as in tune with their extrovert peers. As it happens, some of history’s greatest creators exhibited themselves in just that way.

Steven Spielberg And Education

One of the greatest directors of all time, Steven Spielberg, is also one of the most famous introverts of all time, according to Inc magazine. Spielberg started his journey to becoming a superstar director in higher education, where he studied film – and excelled at it, despite dropping out.

As it happens, introverts are set up to excel in college. Their propensity for deeper thinking, ability to sit and think about problems, and even-headed nature – especially during long study sessions – has helped introverts to excel and really do above and beyond the average in academic settings. That same application was likely taken by Spielberg to his work. He, of course, dropped out of college – but only because he was offered a huge film deal by one of the big Hollywood film houses.

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Piano Master Chopin

Piano Lessons

One of the most famed pianists and composers of all time, Frederic Chopin lived during the 19th century. Born and raised in Poland, he later left for France in order to avoid persecution by the Russian Empire, who ruled Poland at that time, as per the UNHCRs profile of the legendary composer.

Chopin was an introvert, but his music was extroverted; a real expression of his emotion, his thoughts about the world around him and, ultimately, an expression of rebellion against the Russian empire that held sway over Poland. He clearly showed that you don’t need to be an extrovert to create music that has a huge impact.

The Greatest Painter?

One of the most universally loved painters, and one of the most relatable figures in history, is van Gogh. According to the official website of his history, Life of Van Gogh, the man himself was actually a very introverted figure. This is despite his almost nomadic lifestyle, moving between his native Netherlands, Belgium, and France, living in a wide variety of locations and lifestyles. His introversion was flipped in his paintings; while his early works were austere, the likes of Starry Night, The Sower and Courtesan brought incredible colour and light to mundane scenes.

Art Is About Expression

These artists show how you can appreciate introverts. Art is about expression, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a naturally extroverted person to make that expression. To the contrary, some of the most important artistic works ever have introverts at their heart.

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