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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, the world’s most influential travel writers selected the best global travel experiences for new website, Bucket List Travels.

Bucket List Travels

Bucket List Travels on The Table Read
Bucket List Travels

“Bucket List Travels” is a new travel inspiration website that will go live in November. Its goal is to find the best “bucket list” travel experiences around the world.

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We all require something to look forward to now more than ever. Mental health has been shown to improve when you plan your next big adventure or just travel to a special place. It has been demonstrated that traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures on a bucket list not only makes us more tolerant, grounded, and appreciative people, but also improves our cognitive ability, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills.

However, travel bucket lists are underutilized due, in part, to the lack of a convenient websites on which to create one. Beyond a straightforward package or flop by the pool, researching and planning a vacation can be time-consuming and frustrating. The goal of the company known as “Bucket List Travels” is to make this procedure much simpler, more effective, and more enjoyable.

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“There are so many incredible travel experiences, and they are more accessible than ever – a lifetime is not enough time,” explained Bucket List Travels founder Matt Roach. “I wanted to create a one-stop, trusted site that helps people quickly discover inspirational travel experiences, and then be able to plan a holiday around them. Every holiday should be a bucket list holiday!”

Over 1,200 curated, dependable recommendations from renowned travel writers will be available, along with 25,000 captivating images. It includes many less well-known experiences, such as sleeping in a bird’s nest in Sweden and swimming with crocodiles in the Mayan Riviera (without a cage!), as well as the majority of the world’s signature and famous experiences (more are being added every week). or the straightforward pleasure of a Venice tapas crawl.

Travelers can save a lot of time by using an advanced search engine to quickly search for recommendations and narrow the results down to their specific requirements and preferences.

Bucket List Travels Goals

The website’s goal is to assist travelers in planning their vacations by providing destination guides, suggestions for nearby lodging, recommendations for whom to book with, and pre-made, straightforward itineraries.

The goal of the website is to become a leading resource for travel planning and the first place that travelers will go to when looking for ideas or starting to research their next trip. This is done by making researching trips on their bucket list so much easier.

Last but certainly not least. The site’s ability for users to save their favorites to their own personal “travel bucket list” is another standout feature.

“If not now, then later,” said Matt Roach. “A ‘travel bucket list’ saves those good ideas we find along the way for when we need them and gives us something to look forward and aspire to”.

Make Your Travel Bucket List now:


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