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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, love expert, Jo Warwick, has released the second edition of The Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating WIth Love, Loving Relationships.

Love Guide

Possibly the most critical and complex emotion and human experience, love makes the world go round. However, until Jo Warwick wrote the first edition of The Big Book of Love it didn’t come with an instruction manual. Now, she has released a new edition of The Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships.

This relatable guide to healing wounds and embracing life and love fully combines combines Jo’s professional experience as an individual, couples and family therapist, with her own personal journey with love. A light-hearted and heartfelt maual, The Big Book Of Love bursts with vital knowledge about how to maximise relationships and attract new ones. 

Whether Jo’s techniques are applied to existing relationships, to attracting new lovers, or to maximising the relationship with our children, she encourages readers to metaphorically look in the mirror to appreciate that the vibes we put out determine the success of how our relationships move forwards.

The Big Book Of Love by Jo Warwick on The Table Read
The Big Book Of Love

As a leading experts in her field, Jo Warwick’s advice has matured and deepened since the publication of the first edition.  This self-help manual will leave you feeling empowered, revitalised and with a new perspective on those most precious to us.

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The Big Book Of Love

YES! We all want MORE LOVE. This 2nd edition by Love Expert Jo Warwick is now bigger, fuller and juicier! The Big Book Of Love – Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships does exactly what it says on the cover, as the manual to all LOVE and relationships.

This book will heal your heart, build faith & empower you to love deeply again. Supporting you to open up to new levels of connection in all of your relationships. Be guided to fall deeply in love with yourself, then how to attract potential lovers, authentically & consciously date and finally lead you into a lasting loving partnership with your Soul Mate!

This book weaves the energy of love through its pages and is designed to be read/listened to many times as you begin to receive the love you desire and the loving relationships to manifest. 

Jo Warwick

“The purpose of The Big Book of Love is to remind you that you are love at your core. To teach the truth you may have forgotten and connect you with love,” explained Jo Warwick. “Secondly to offer the right skills and tools to make practical love-based choices not only for your daily well-being and happiness but to attract and create truly intimate lasting relationships. The Big Book Of Love is designed to be read or listened to many times because just like Love you receive more each time you open to new levels of intimacy.

Jo Warwick on The Table Read
Jo Warwick

“For over 20 years I worked with men and women globally, as a psychotherapist, energy healer and law of attraction coach, specialising in love, attachment, healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics and how and why we manifest them during our mental, emotional and energetic development. Alongside this, I travelled around the world and extensively researched and collated real-life “love stories” to discover the mysteries of love. 

Editing and Proofreading by Scribendi

“My prolific therapeutic career included working for Relate, Barnardo’s, a selection of secondary schools and private practice which included not only self-referrals but client work from the Army and the UK Family Courts. 

“Through this, I have worked as a child, family, young people, and adult couples/individuals therapist as I explored the depths of love and relationships. My path to understanding LOVE led me to also become an expert in where LOVE wasn’t  – in abuse and fear as I have worked with women and men of domestic violence, childhood abuse victims, plus many years of grief and loss work.”

Find The Big Book Of Love Now:

Published by Nielsen, The Big Book of Love is available in paperback (£19.99), Kindle format (£9.99) and Audiobook  on Amazon at  / and

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