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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in a profound journey of self-discovery, The Canticle Of Ibiza by Justin Kurian, he delves into the themes of friendship, betrayal, magical realism and shattering romance.

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The Canticle Of Ibiza

Set against the lush backdrop of Ibiza in 1988, The Canticle Of Ibiza by Justin Kurian is an electrifying journey of both extreme human connection and hedonistic pleasures, and a poignant journey of redemption. Kurian masterfully navigates the book’s narrative arcs, while offering fresh perspectives on the pain of past mistakes, the sting of betrayal, and the promise of love.

The Canticle of Ibiza by Justin Kurian on The Table Read Magazine
The Canticle of Ibiza by Justin Kurian

At the heart of ‘The Canticle of Ibiza’ is John Balkus, who, disillusioned with his life on Wall Street, seeks salvation on the enigmatic island of Ibiza, with the hedonistic villa parties, hidden Buddhist temples, lost marijuana farms, and outlandish artist communes. 

On a quest to find his estranged friend Gunther, he meets vibrant spiritual seekers, jaded hippies, and possible love—an international DJ named Diana Clarke. He also begins to discover mystical elements to Ibiza, and to life, he never expected to encounter, and a hidden world of artists, visionaries and outcasts, seeking their own forms of paradise.

Will John find Gunther and start life anew, or will his oppressive past, and precarious present, destroy him on his quest for salvation and love?

Justin Kurian

In crafting this story, I sought to explore not only the physical journey of one man, traveling across the world in search of wisdom and forgiveness, but also the inner journey that I think we all take in life.

John’s quest is a metaphor for the universal search for meaning in a world that increasingly values the superficial over the profound. All of the characters in the book, whether their motivations are entirely pure or not, are searching for their own version of redemption or Eden. It’s my hope that readers will see themselves in John, and perhaps seek out their own canticle – their song of life.

-Justin Kurian
Justin Kurian on The Table Read Magazine
Justin Kurian

Justin Kurian has a B.A. in American Literature and Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. His background is in short story writing, and he worked as a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan. He is of European and Indian heritage, which has blessed him with a diverse perspective for his writing. Justin has also lived and worked in numerous countries in Europe for over a decade, including England and Romania and Spain, and currently resides in his hometown of New York.

The Sunlight Lies Beyond, his debut novel, is a dramatic tale set in Eastern Europe in Romania after the fall of Communism and received excellent reviews. His newest novel, The Canticle of Ibiza, takes place on the mystical island of Ibiza off of Spain.

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