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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, tech expert and co-founder of award-winning tech company Black Nova Designs, Kyle Holmes, has launched an easy to access advice YouTube Channel about the world of technology.

Black Nova

Kyle Holmes, Black Nova Designs, on The Table Read
Commercial portrait of Kyles Holmes, owner and MD of Black Nova Designs, taken by Barbara Leatham Photography on Jan 6th 2022

Following a soft launch in 2021, tech experts Black Nova Designs have launched their new YouTube channel featuring CEO Kyle Holmes, offering support and advice for anyone trying to navigate their way around the world of technology. The channel currently features more than 20 videos, with more to come!

“As an IT solutions business, many of our services are technically complex and need explaining in detail, but this is very difficult to do over the phone or via email and takes time,”said Kyle. “We have found that YouTube is the best platform for providing our clients with the guidance they need, whether it’s about their email system or WordPress dashboard for example. Also it’s about educating people around tech. It can be so embedded in our lives yet people often don’t know the basics and we aim to help them in their professional lives, their businesses and even at home.”

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YouTube Channel

Despite being a relative old-timer in social media terms, YouTube it is still the place to share video content with 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, and more than 14 billion monthly visits, each spending,on average, 19 minutes a day on the platform.More than 690,000 videos are streamed every minute, mkaing it more than popular streaming services like Netflix.

For companies like Black Nova, the statistics that matter are that 92 per cent of internet users watch some video content online each week, with one-third of users watching tutorial, or how-to-videos, each week.

Black Nova has already recorded a stream of content that will be uploaded every Wednesday, and is available to both its customers and to the wider public 24/7.

Up-coming videos cover these subjects:

  • Understanding your Microsoft package: Explained by a Microsoft reseller
  • How to use social media for your business: Q&A with managing director, Danielle Holmes
  • Guess the acronym: Featuring Kyle Holmes and web developer Steve Willis
  • 24-hour gaming challenge: Behind the scenes
  • SEO: How to improve your website using search engine ranking analytics
  • Top tips for a successful website
  • Let’s talk about WiFi!
  • Come onsite with us: CCTV and WiFi edition

About Black Nova Designs

Black Nova Designs offers support for small businesses, sole traders and individuals who need IT support and help. All calls are handled at its offices in Calne, Wiltshire, where trained staff aim to simplify technical terms so that the client can understand both the problem and the solution. The company also operates a no-fix, no-fee service helping reduce costs for its customers.

Find more now:

Visit the Black Nova Designs YouTube channel here

Company Website:

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