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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg by Sally Jenkinson features 18 poems about her feelings from fulfilment to pain, from wonderment to disbelief, and the most defining moment, childbirth.

Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg is a creative response to the seemingly improbable and yet utterly commonplace act of somehow producing a human from your body.

Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg by Sally Jenkinson on The Table Read
Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg

It takes you on the rollercoaster ride of viscera and vulnerability, and explores the agony and ecstasy of something women around the world experience every day.

Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg

Sally Jenkinson’s Pantomime Horse, Russian Doll, Egg is a collection of poems published in pamphlet form to be accessible and brief for readers, she writes about the whole gamut of emotions expeirenced during childbirth, while recognising each womans’ journey is unique.

This relatable collection of poems takes women from childbirth motherhood, explores the potential of what lies ahead, and reflects on what has been experienced. It also provides partners with an opportunity to reflect on the emotions and experiences of the people they are supporting during and after labour and birth.

Sally Jenkinson captures the feelings between the lines, and will become a welcome ‘friend’ to expectant and new mothers for many years to come.

Sally Jenkinson

“I became a birth Mum in 2019 after experiencing 3 years of infertility. I am also a foster carer so have had the privilege of parenting lots of other children in lots of different ways. So my journey to motherhood has been strange and unexpected, but in lots of ways I think motherhood is strange and unexpected for everyone, so I hope the poems are relatable.

“I lost my brother in a very sudden and traumatic way when I was a teenager, which resulted in a deep fear of hospitals. Of course, often (not always, but often) it is necessary to accept a certain amount of medical help in labour in order to get your baby here safely, so a lot of these poems explore the journey of learning to accepting that help, and the fine line between power, surrender, fear, and love that it is necessary to navigate when giving birth.”

Sally Jenkinson on The Table Read
Sally Jenkinson

Sally Jenkinson was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. She has been writing and performing poetry across the UK for more than a decade, and has also written and performed internationally in Sweden, Iceland and Australia.

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Her work has recently been featured in The Morning Star, The #MeToo Anthology from Fairacre Press, and on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Power Lines’.

She is a care worker and community arts producer, and working on her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Gloucestershire.

She has lived in Sheffield, Bristol, and Brighton, and now lives in the Forest of Dean with her cats, husband, and various fierce and magical children.

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