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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, American YouTuber Markiplier took the top spot among the most influential gaming channels on YouTube, according to a new study.

Based on the number of subscribers, total video views, channel earnings, social media earning potential, and number of Twitter and Instagram followers, Online Casino‘s study ranked the 100 gaming channels with the most subscribers on YouTube. The three platforms’ combined scores were then used to rank the YouTubers, with YouTube receiving the most weight.


With a total influence score of 31.91 out of 50, Markiplier is the most influential YouTube gamer, according to the study. The YouTuber, who was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, had amassed more than 34.3 million subscribers thanks to his reaction and commentary-style videos in which he plays popular video games. In his 5,392 videos, he has received over 19.5 billion video views and amassed a combined audience of 59.3 million across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. His most recent video series features him playing the popular remake of the horror game Dead Space. Most of these videos have received millions of views.

Despite the fact that he does not have the largest audience on this list, he takes the top spot due to his impressive lifetime channel earnings of over £34 million and high engagement rates on Twitter and Instagram, which also enable him to command substantial compensation for any sponsored posts. He could charge brands up to £115,000 for each sponsored tweet given his 14 million Twitter followers.

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With a total influence score of 30.70 out of 50, Lankybox ranks second on this list of the most influential YouTube accounts. This American duo, who make videos with a lot of energy and a fast pace, has more than 22.6 million subscribers and a record-breaking 30.3 billion views. This is what might be compared to each individual in the world watching four of their recordings.

Together, the two have amassed a 23.5 million YouTube and Instagram audience, of which 22.6 million are from YouTube alone. Their videos typically target younger viewers, which is why they have fewer social media followers. Through their incredible 6,991 recordings they have acquired an expected £51 million through promotion income alone.


JuegaGerman has a total influence score of 28 out of 50, making him the third most influential gaming YouTuber. The Chilean substance maker has amassed a group of people of over 74.4 million supporters across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter with his ongoing interaction and ‘do whatever it takes not to snicker’ challenge recordings. With 2,017 videos and 47 million subscribers on YouTube, he has amassed an impressive 14 billion channel views and an estimated earnings of over £24 million.



With a score of 23.68 out of 50, Jacksepticeye is the fourth most influential gaming YouTuber. This Irish substance maker has drawn in more than 29 million endorsers on YouTube and an all out crowd of 44.7 million across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He is estimated to have made more than £27 million in advertising revenue all together thanks to 15 billion video views across his 5,046 videos.


With a total influence score of 23.14 out of 50, VEGETTA777 comes in fifth. This Spanish YouTube content maker, whose genuine name is Samuel de Luque, has a joined following of over 49.9 million across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. In his videos, he plays games like God of War and Minecraft either by himself or with friends. The influence of VEGETTA777 has resulted in more than 33.6 million subscribers and 15 billion views on YouTube, making him the second most subscribed Spanish channel.


With a total influence score of 23.06 out of 50, FGTeeV ranks sixth. FGTeeV, also known as the “Family Gaming Team,” is thought to be YouTube’s most popular family gaming channel. It is estimated that this family has earned over £41 million in advertising revenue from their videos alone, with more than 21.5 million subscribers and more than 23.3 billion views to their channel.

Similar as other gaming channels whose content is focused on a more youthful crowd, they have not grown a significant Twitter or Instagram following. Instead, they have focused on growing their YouTube audience to its maximum and providing them with relevant merchandise.


With a total influence score of 22.18 out of 50, CookieSwirlC is seventh. Instead of showing her face in her videos, this VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, uses a female anime avatar alongside her real voice. 19.1 million subscribers and 22.1 billion views have been received for her gaming videos on Roblox and Five Nights at Freddy’s.


With a total influence score of 22.02 out of 50, Auron ranks eighth. This Spanish YouTuber, jokester, and Jerk decoration has fabricated a crowd of people of over 51.8 million individuals across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. An estimated £5.3 million in advertising revenue has come from his 14.3 million YouTube subscribers and 3 billion video views. Auron has the third-most subscribers to a Spanish YouTube channel and the second-most Twitch streamers worldwide.

Auron is the only YouTuber on this list with more Instagram and Twitter followers (18.8 million) than YouTube followers (14.3 million). He could actually make up to £155,591 per sponsored tweet due to his large Twitter audience.


DanTDM has a total influence score of 21.70 out of 50, making him the ninth most influential gaming YouTuber. The Aldershot, England, content creator grew his audience with Minecraft videos, has over 19 billion views, and earned an estimated £33.3 million from YouTube ads. He now has 26.3 million subscribers, making him the most popular British YouTube channel outside of music channels and brand accounts. More than 32 million people follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all together.

Rubius Z

Rubius Z, with a total influence score of 21.30 out of 50, completes the list and is the tenth most influential gaming YouTube creator. This Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber mostly makes Minecraft and other popular games videos. Not just has his YouTube channel pulled in more than 11.9 million endorsers with less than 500 recordings, however he has likewise acquired roughly £3.3 million in promotion income. In addition, given that he has 20.7 million followers on Twitter, he might charge around £166,000 for each post.

Influential YouTube Channels

There are such countless various kinds of individuals making and developing gaming channels on the stage, from makers that have been around since the beginning of YouTube to youthful families and youngsters. In a market that is otherwise saturated, the channels that have differentiated themselves in some way—through their editing style, video concepts, or distinct personalities—have had the most success.

Free recording and editing software means that most people already have everything they need to turn their gaming hobby into a YouTube career, regardless of whether they play on a console, phone, or PC.


The owners of the top 100 gaming channels on YouTube were compared across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in order to identify the gamers with the greatest influence. In addition to earning calculations from Influencer Marketing Hub’s online YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter calculators, live data was used. Online. Club decided Twitter and Instagram focuses by taking the normal procuring potential for every crowd and commitment rate.

By comparing the channel’s overall video views to those of the other channels on the list, points were awarded by YouTube. To indicate YouTube’s greater influence over Instagram or Twitter, the resulting YouTube score was multiplied equally across the entire list. This made sure that a channel’s number of video views ranked higher than its Instagram and Twitter followers. Because of their success on YouTube, this gave the smaller accounts on this list a better chance of ranking high.

An overall winner was selected by comparing the final point totals. The results did not include any accounts for large brands or companies.

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