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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover the premier league team which has players the stick around for the longest time.

Fans may begin to wonder if their favorite players will be tempted to move on now that the transfer window has ended and the total spending has been revealed to be a staggering £815m. was intrigued and looked at historical transfer data* for the 20 current Premier League teams to determine which team has the most committed players.

Premier League Clubs With The Most Loyal Players

Manchester United, The UK’s most popular Premier League team, has 659 million loyal fans as well as the most devoted players, who spend an average of four and a half years at the club for 54 months and 11 days.

Arsenal is in second place, just a month behind, with players staying at the club for an average of 53 months, or four years and five months. Given that Arsenal ranked second in academy productivity rankings in 2021, this is not surprising.

Chelsea completes the top three teams. With an average of 43 months and 29 days in the team, the UK’s second most popular team also has devoted players.

RankTeamAverage time players stay in team
1Manchester United54 months 11 days
2Arsenal53 months
3Chelsea43 months 29 days
4Everton43 months 14 days
5Tottenham Hotspur42 months 11 days
6Liverpool42 months 10 days
7Newcastle United41 months 15 days
8Aston Villa40 months 3 days
9AFC Bournemouth39 months 7 days
10Southampton39 months
11Manchester City37 months 14 days
12Nottingham Forest37 months 5 days
13Wolverhampton Wanderers36 months 6 days
14Fulham34 months 11 days
15Crystal Palace33 months 28 days
16Leicester City33 months 21 days
17Leeds United32 months 27 days
18West Ham United32 months 16 days
19Brighton & Hove Albion31 months 26 days
20Brentford29 months 6 days

The Most Loyal Premier League Players

TeamPlayerTime at club
Manchester UnitedRyan Giggs23 years
Newcastle UnitedSteve Harper20 years 15 days
ArsenalTony Adams19 years 1 month 12 days
West Ham UnitedSteve Potts17 years 8 months 12 days
ChelseaJohn Terry17 years 6 months
West Ham UnitedMark Noble17 years 5 months 30 days
Man UnitedPaul Scholes17 years
LiverpoolJamie Carragher17 years
LiverpoolSteven Gerrard16 years 10 months 30 days
EvertonNeville Southall16 years 7 months 3 days
Manchester UnitedGary Neville16 years 7 months 3 days
SouthamptonFrancis Benali16 years 6 months 2 days
SouthamptonJason Dodd16 years 4 months
EvertonTony Hibbert16 years
ChelseaKevin Hitchcock15 years 6 months 3 days


  1. sought to uncover which Premier League football team have the most loyal players.
  2. To do this,  analysed transfer data obtained from for the 20 current teams in the Premier League over the past 22 years (2000 – 2022)*, excluding loans.
  3. For each team, the number of transfers and the average time each player stayed at the club before transferring was calculated, and the number one spot was crowned.
  4. All data was collected and is accurate as of 25/01/23.
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