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Emily Craig, author of Will You Love Me Again?, on The Table Read
Emily Craig

Written by Emily Craig 

Where Will We Go? almost never existed. In 2019, when I finished writing Will You Love Me Again? I tried several times to continue the story but I hit several roadblocks. I couldn’t get a grasp on the next storyline. Fast Forward to 2020, I couldn’t stop writing what would later become the second book in the Will You Love Me Again Series.

Lucy Needed More Story

A spark was finally ignited in my fingers. I knew Lucy needed more chapters and closure from David and her past. Most importantly, I needed to empty my past into my book, my story. Lucy is me, except she handles her pain in a much better way than I did. My hope is to show people that heartbreak can be their beginning instead of their ending. Lucy is a symbol of hope and my saving grace.

My inspiration is fueled by many different situations and emotions in my life, especially from the last seven years. Heartbreak is one of those experiences that I could never seem to escape. I was either on the verge of it or coming out the other side. I never felt truly happy during those years until I met the love of my life, Dustin Hooie, who helped me find my ending to my new book. Without him, I didn’t have a clue where Lucy and I were going once she was home from Paris. I was at a dead-end. I didn’t know if I wanted her to ever break the mold of “I don’t ever want to meet anyone new ever again.”

Emily Craig, author of Will You Love Me Again?, on The Table Read

It was a great mold, don’t get me wrong, but Lucy wasn’t growing any. More or less, she was staying stuck in her past and that wasn’t the message behind my book. At the time, I didn’t know exactly how Dustin’s (Mason) character was going to fit into Lucy’s world, but I am very happy with the outcome and I think readers will love what he brings to the story. Overall, I am inspired by my life and the world around me. 

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My Writing Process For Where Will We Go?

My writing process is messy. It is never in order except this last time when I wrote my book from beginning to end without skipping around – that was wild. I used an outline for my first book pretty heavily. But with my second book, I just dived right into drafting.

Yes, it screwed me over in editing because since the first draft I have indeed made a book timeline to keep track of all the madness. Because there was a lot going on and I had to keep it all straight somehow if not for me, but my editors. Somehow, I managed to get all the details in order by the deadline – it was no easy feat. 

I wouldn’t change my messy writing process for anything in the world. It defines me as an author, a creator. I am not meant to be a perfect author or person; I am meant to be me. That’s what I strive for every day and hope that it comes out in my books, as well. I want to be as authentic and raw as possible with my readers. I want to connect with them. I want them to see me as a real person and not just another author’s book in a bookstore.

I throw every ounce of myself into my writing process and go from there. I am a true, real, and raw hot mess of an author, which I am proud to admit. There is no use hiding behind perfect words when creativity is right in front of me. 

To aspiring authors, creators, and artists: Don’t waste time on perfection, it’ll only make you miserable. Embrace the messy drafts and crazy wording. Embrace the destruction that first and second drafts bring and mold it into your dream world and no one else’s. Spend more time on the messy than the perfect because that will make you happier in the long run. Be bold, happy, and messy!

My Experiences from Idea to Publication

A major rollercoaster for the last two and a half years. My initial ideas came in June 2019, but I never got past the first couple of pages. Plus, my book would have been totally different had I started it back then. Originally, I wanted to center the story around David and how he was feeling years after his and Lucy’s divorce. 

Emily Craig, author of Will You Love Me Again?, on The Table Read

Fast Forward to March 13, 2020, something shifted in my head. I opened up my book Google document from June and began typing. But this time, I was writing Lucy’s story. Her aftermath of the messy divorce from David – her high school sweetheart, now ex-husband. On that day is when I decided Lucy was going to Paris, France and the rest is history. 

I may revisit that initial idea for book 2 at a later time – it is tucked away on my laptop – but for now it is Lucy’s time to shine. 

For nine months, I typed away at Where Will We Go? not having a huge plan in mind on when and if I would publish it. During that ninth month (December 2020), one of my author friends told me her Author Program (Creator Institute) was taking applications for classes, so I took a shot. By the end of the first week of December, I was a late comer to the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 cohort. Ever since then, I have been going nonstop to get to my publication month. *Cue Taylor Swift* All the way back to December and I am finally publishing my second book with my publisher, New Degree Press. I have endured every bump of my writing journey for over a year now with Creator Institute (6 months with NDP), and it is far from over. I definitely didn’t have a normal year, but I am so glad I made the decision to try something new. My writing journey is just beginning.

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