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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, have you ever considered yourself lucky because of something as simple as winning big at Lottoland? Well, these 7 people took their luck to the next level, read on to learn how!

7 Unexpectedly Lucky People

Everybody could use a little luck in their lives. While fortune is a fickle mistress, some people seem naturally luckier than others. So, who are some of the luckiest people in history? There’s no good way to measure luck, but here are 7 people who suddenly found the odds in their favour!

Joan R. Ginther

While luck doesn’t always come from huge wins at the Rainbow Riches slot game, everyone dreams about what they might do with a huge sum of cash. On that note, our first lucky person is Joan R. Ginther, a woman who won the lottery four times. She won $5.4 million, $2 million a decade later, then two more jackpots of $3 million and $10 million. Even without converting the currency of this lotto queen, it’s easy to see that she’s a big winner!

Teddy Roosevelt

We’ve all heard stories about people surviving bullets because of things like crosses or Bibles that they kept close to their chests. But sometimes, real life can be stranger than fiction. U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt often feels like a larger-than-life character, but on October 14th, 1912, he managed to avoid getting shot by saloonkeeper John Schrank. His eyeglass case and a 50-page speech kept the bullet from being deadly.

Edwin E. Robinson

The odds of getting hit by lightning are 1 in 12,000—pretty slim. The blind, deaf Edwin E. Robinson rose those odds significantly when looking for his chicken, carrying an aluminium cane, and taking shelter under a tree invited Murphy’s Law to have at him. But there was a twist: not only did his rubber shoes prevent him from dying, but he woke up with his sight and hearing restored.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

The atomic bombs dropped on Japan towards the end of World War II marked the end of one era and the beginning of another. But one man, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, managed to survive both of the bomb attacks that changed the world forever. As an employee of Mitsubishi, Yamaguchi travelled all around the country, coincidentally going to Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the same days they were attacked. He lived to be 93 years old and was a lifelong opponent of nuclear technology.

Adolphe Sax

Although best known as the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax had a surprisingly (un)lucky childhood. His misadventures included falling three floors and nearly dying, drinking sulfuric acid, swallowing a needle, being burned by a gunpowder explosion, and nearly drowning. His own mother, Marie-Joseph Sax, thought he would not live past his third birthday; he died at age 79.

Bill Morgan

It’s hard to believe in miracles, but what other word can describe Bill Morgan’s luck? After being legally dead for 14 minutes and spending 12 days in a coma, Morgan was already a lucky guy for living. After leaving the hospital, he bought a scratch card and won a car worth around 17,000 Australian dollars (~£8,921). But things only got better: when asked to reenact the legendary moment for a news station, he won another $250,000 (~£131,188)!

Frane Selak

If Bill Morgan’s story was an act of a higher power, Frane Selak is the “unluckiest lucky man.” The Croatian Selak has survived death not once, not twice, but seven times in total. While most of these were various vehicle accidents, one of them involved teaching his son how to hold a gun, resulting in a shot to his testicles instead of another vital area. His luck was topped off with a 1.1 million-dollar (~£853, 366) win in 2003. Unfortunately, he could not avoid the Reaper forever and passed away in 2016.

However, you may wish to take Selak’s tales with a grain of salt; many of them cannot be verified. They were still intimidating enough that many of his friends refused to take trips with him.


Luck comes in many different forms, from the most basic idea of winning big at the lotto to having one’s ailments cured by a strike of lightning. But they often come with a lot of misfortune beforehand, like being at death’s door multiple times. If you feel luck is not on your side, remember that things could turn around at any moment!

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