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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, experts at decided to do some research into which actor known for appearing in movies featuring aliens would be most likely to survive an alien invasion.

Alien Invasion

In the midst of reports today that aliens could contact Earth by 2029 — only 6 years away — many might be considering what their endurance chances would be in the event of an alien invasion.

Considering that almost three out of ten people, or 29%, believe there will be an apocalypse in their lifetime and that two-thirds, or 65%, believe in aliens, this is an issue that has never been more pressing. Intrigued by this, decided to find the actors most likely to survive an alien invasion, after all, they’re the ones with practice on screen!

The experts created a points based index system to work out which actors that have performed in the most action and alien feature films, followed by number of UFO sightings close to their homes, their ages, their net worth, and their social media following. Each element was weighted based on likely impact on survival, giving every actor an alien invasion survivability score out of 10.

The Actors Most Likely To Survive An Alien Invasion

Rank Actor Action and 

Alien Titles

UFO Sightings 

Near Home

Net Worth in 

Millions ($)

Social Media



Survivability (/10)

1. Samuel L. Jackson 79 15,480 170 17,000,000 7.08
2. Dave Bautista 72 7,835 10 5,700,000 6.33
3. Vin Diesel 39 15,480 145 91,730,700 5.89
4. Mark Hamill 56 15,480 6 11,600,000 5.79
5. Seth Green 53 15,480 25 2,600,000 5.68
6. Tony Todd 74 15,480 10 163,400 5.64
7. Bern Collaço 58 3,146 8 0 5.58
8. Clancy Brown 62 15,480 3 292,700 5.43
9. Warwick Davis 26 3146 5 792,000 5.37
10. George Takei 50 15,480 12 4,800,000 5.33
Samuel L Jackson on The Table Read Magazine
Samuel L. Jackson (Copyright Anton_Ivanov)

Samuel L. Jackson found that Samuel L. Jackson has the best chances of surviving and alien invasion, with a survivability score of 7.08/10.

Jackson has showed up in 79 action and alien titles, including Secret Invasion and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. Jackson also has the biggest net worth of all actors featured ($170m) — 55% higher than Liam Neeson ($75m), which could be used to bargain for safety, or buy protection such as a Doomsday shelter or weaponry.

This could help protect Jackson from the high volume of UFO sightings spotted close to his California home (15,480).

Dave Bautista on The Table Read Magazine
Dave Bautista (Copyright DFree)

Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista comes in second, known for his appearances in 72 action and alien films, such as the Guardians Of

The Galaxy franchise, and Riddick (2013).

Bautista has a alien invasion survivability score of 6.33/10 — to a great extent because of residing in Tampa, Florida where there have been only 7,835 all out UFO sightings — almost half the number of sightings close to Vin Diesel’s home in California (15,480). 

With one of the lower net worths in the list, ($10m), the retired wrestler and actor has 5,700,000 social media followers who could help with protection in an invasion, close to 100% more than Liam Neeson who has only 39,300.

Vin Diesel on The Table Read Magazine
Vin Diesel (Copyright Nuamfolio)

Vin Diesel

In third spot is Vin Diesel, who plays the alien fighting Riddick in Pitch Black (2000) and Riddick (2013), and starred in 39 action and alien films across his career.

Vin Diesel has the second highest net worth ($145m), and the highest social media following (91,730,700), adding to his general outsider survivability score of 5.89/10. However, because of the 15,480 detailed UFO sightings close to his California home — 49% more than Dave Bautista’s home in Tampa (7,835) — the chances of Vin Diesel surviving an alien invasion are almost 7% lower.

Liam Neeson on The Table Read Magazine
Liam Neeson (Copyright Debby Wong)

Liam Neeson

With a score of 5.08/10 for overall alien survivability, Liam Neeson comes in at number fourteen. Neeson scores well because of living in New York, where there have been only 5,627 reported UFO sightings, 63% fewer than where Mark Hamill lives (15,480).

Neeson also has the highest net worth on the list ($75m), which could pay for the cost of security against an assault. However, Neeson would have an even higher chance of survivability if he lived in Britain, like Warwick Davis, where there have been only 3,146 detailed UFO sightings.

UFO Sightings

According to former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator, Nick Pope, gone are the days when UFO sightings were viewed as part fringe, part-sci-fi, and part conspiracy theory. UFOs are presently being treated as a defence and national security issue, examined in the US Congress, and getting attention from the Head of NASA.

It’s difficult to tell whether there is a genuine spike in UFO sightings – and if this is the case, what it implies – or whether what’s going on is that a higher extent of sightings is being accounted for, because of the increased media attention on the subject.

UFO sightings have moved from the fringe and into the mainstream, prompting a lot more people to share their own sightings and experiences.

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